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We love a parade and so do mutts. Socialization is good. My spouse works for Portage health.


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I took my dog into Tractor Supply last week for the first... and the last time. He doesn't get out in public much and when he does, it's generally because I know he'll get the attention he thrives on. We walked around the store and not one person paid him any attention. A couple of times he tried to go see somebody but I will only let him approach people who indicate it's OK; and nobody did. As we were leaving I did let him approach a customer at the checkout, just because he was pretty disappointed. I don't let him make a nuisance of himself but on the other hand he is a sociable dog... and I always thought TSC was supposed to be dog friendly.
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We don't venture to our TSC much, just don't often have whatever we are looking for. Just after they opened we asked the guy helping us, knowing they nationality had a dog friendly policy, he responded with a "must ask the manager" spew. We didn't.
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There isn't much in TSC that would appeal to our dogs unless its during their chick days when they have baby chickens and baby ducks for sale.
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Rural King is mostly mid-west but I think they are truly dog friendly. I never took a dog there but see a few. They seem to give free dog bones and I have seen free pig ears before. I also saw a dog get into a bag of the free popcorn in the half second it took the owner to react. :)

I don't go to TSC much but wonder if the dog friendly thing is a response to the RK that is their competitor in some markets.
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The people at our TSC are friendly to toward the dogs. No treats given, thank goodness, but they talk to the animals and make over them a bit every time I have seen or taken a pooch into the store. Gotta assume, like so many other businesses, every store is different.