Dolmar PS-6100 Bar & Saw Chain Compatibility

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Jun 7, 2017
Vernon, NY
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I got tired of running Dolmar bars and trying to find odd 64 link chains for a 18" bar. Only place I could get them was online and stupid me I didn't restock last weekend and needed to chop up some fallen trees to turn them into firewood. Off to the local hardware stores...

So after much toying around my PS-6100 equipped with a 3/8" cog will take Husqvarna Rancher 455/460 bars and chains. So I upped it to the 20" bar and even got a 24" bar.

The chain for the 24" would be the 84 link, 3/8", 0.050" gauge. The chain for the 20" would be the 72 link, 3/8", 0.050" gauge

I tried both out and it worked flawlessly.

When running the 20" bar and chain, I had the oiler on 3 and when running the 24" bar, I had the oiler on 4. I need to take this saw apart and modify the oiler system on it so if I wanted to go a 28" bar, it will provide adequate lubrication. The saw definitely has the power, but I know the oiler lacks it. I certainly wouldn't go any longer than 28".

I still want a 18" bar for it, so I might do some more messing around and see if I can make something work. If I do, I'll post it up.

Now I can go anywhere and get standard chains and bars now that I know what fits and what I can cross reference it to.

For a long term review, I've had this saw since early 2017, and it has well over 200+ hours of use behind it. It has never failed me. Starts on first pull, no smoking, and it is comfortable to use for many hours at a time.
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I don't think I have ever found a bar in the K095 bar in 28" longest I have seen in that mount is the 24. That is the reason I wouldn't stock or sell the 6100 and always tried to push the customer to the 6400 since it takes the D009 mount and you can easily gets bars up to 32" if wanted. And the cost between the two saws was a $20 difference when they made both of them.

The 6100 had the K095 bar mount which is the same as the smaller 510/5105 and there component size Husqvarna saws. The 6400 uses the D009 mount which is the 6400-7910 series saws and the larger Husqvarna bars for saws including the 3120XP.
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This is good to know. Maybe I won't be able to push it to 28". I'll have some playing around to do.

I love this saw because of how dependable and powerful it is.

After all, the 18" bar has done everything I've ever needed it to do for years. It just takes multiple passes. Which is another reason the saw has high hours on it.