Door handle for Kubota MX54 factory cab.

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Oct 4, 2018
Ford 1500
Does anyone know of a door handle kit for the right hand door so you can open it from the outside? Our local dealer says one is not available sine you cannot enter from that right side.
I feel it would make it much more convenient when changing implements to simply open this door and reach in to adust loader, lift etc.
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Mar 28, 2008
I am assuming you have a Kubota MX5400, since the MX54 is not a valid model. The door latch on the MX5400 left door appears to be the same as the Kubota B3030. The B3030 has a handle for the right door I am guessing that they would work on your right door.
Below is the diagram for the B3030
The latch is T0270-86010. You will need the parts listed below as well.
07003014-50620SCREW,PAN HEAD(PHILLIPS)2 >=11337 0.011
080TC860-85150COLLAR(DOOR)2 0.0066
09002014-50060HEX.NUT2 0.0044
10004013-50060WASHER, PLAIN2 0.0022
110TC860-85172STAY(DOOR,LOCK)1 <=16164 0.33
110TC860-85190STAY(DOOR,LOCK)1 >=16165 0.506
110TC860-85192STAY(DOOR,LOCK)1 >=16862 0.506
120T3685-84530BRACKET(REARLOCK)1 0.022
13003054-50514SCREW,PAN HEAD(PHILLIPS)2 0.0088
140T0270-70890NUT,DOOR STRIKER1 0.1276
15030810-18870BOLT,FLANGE2 0.0264
160TC860-85200LEVER(DOOR,LOCK)1 >=16165 0.154
160TC860-85202LEVER(DOOR,LOCK)1 >=18051 0.154
17004015-50080WASHER,PLAIN2 >=16165 0.022
18037560-44880SPRING2 >=16165 0.0044
19002552-50080NUT,LOCKING1 >=16165 0.011

The link to the kubota parts book is below.