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Nov 23, 2006
Kubota L6060
For those TC(DX)35,40,45 owners, just wondering if my tractor is running hotter than it should and what your experience has been. When doing boxblade work or brushhogging the temperature seems to run close to the red and above normal operating temperature.

Below is a pick of the gauge. When I finished it was actually slightly higher than the pic and right on the edge of crossing into the red. Here's the details of today. Mower is an 84" landpride. Running at 2500 rpm's in pasture grass. Air conditioning on, rpm's holding steady at 2500 and not bogging down. Tractor did not seem to be working hard. Radiator and filters were clean, radiator fluid was full. Outside temp was 85 degrees. I seem to have the same problem when pulling a boxblade or doing anything that remotely works the engine.

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Calibration is always a very important part of reading and correctly interpreting an output. Temp sending unit changes resistance due to heat at the thermo well where is located. Jinman on one of his post reported Temp reading using a non contact infra red thermometer , measured the resistance of the sending unit and relative location of the analog needle. I just can't remember what those #s were. On mine with the needle right in the middle I read about 180 ohms at the sending unit. You're just a skosh above middle. I'd check the spec on the sending unit and read temp at T-stat housing before I get too worked up about it. By the way, you're loading that tractor pretty good with A/C and all also.

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Thanks JC,

when I was finished, the gauge was actually higher and on the verge of crossing into the red. It was high enough that if I hadn't had only a couple of passes left I would have shut it down. I understand that running the air along with a cutter is placing a load on the tractor but would assume it would be designed to handle it, hence the reason for buying the cab w/air in the first place. Without the A/C I've purchased an oven :) The mower was spinning like a top and the tractor doesn't seem to have any issues turning it. It wasn't bogging down or drawing down the rpm's. In fact, my previous tractor DX33 had an 84" MMM and had no temp issues while running it. (no air of course)

Anyone else have any issues? May make a trip to the dealer to get the unit checked to make sure it's reading correctly.

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If you are out of warranty, Then I just ask the specs from them and check it out myself. My local NH dealer are real nice. it just take a call for me and if they don't have the answer right away they call me back with the answer. I don't know about your gauge but on some of HVAC temp gauge the analog needle can be adjusted between ice water @32 degs and boiling water @ 212 deg, F and sea level. I think it is quite prudent to figure out the reason either yourself or the NH dealer.

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Thanks JC,

Since the tractors still on the trailer I'll probably drop it off tomorrow. Should still be under warranty. The only reason I think its a cooling problem and not a gauge problem is that when doing regular loader work or just driving with the air on the gauge never reads past center.

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Been having the same problem with my tc40 ... the gauge is junk it reads just a bit higher than yours usually right around the red ,and when I check it with a thermometer it is running normal around 180.
Check it with a gauge to be sure your safe I have a post almost identical to yours a few more down the line . good luck and check it manually to be sure ,thats the only way to tell my gauge has been off since day one
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Thanks LO. I was curious if others had the same issue.

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That's where ours runs too. (TC45)
The radiator is extremely prone to clogging up.
I blow it out 10x as much as the TN. And it's a PITA to blow out with the 3 radiators.

And no, it doesn't have enough power to do everything (try it at 5000 feet, it's even less), needs about 5 more HP.

usually ours will stay where you posted for a few hours, then it will slowly sneak into the red, then it's time to do a quick blowout on the radiator, then it comes right back down.

Running a little slower on the RPM's when it's really hot out (100+) makes it go up slower. (it doesn't cut quite as well, but not enough so you usually notice). I'm talking maybe 2000/2200 rpms.

I've moved to synthetic engine oil and synthetic hydraulic oil. It runs hot, I do what I can to protect it.
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In my opinion, taking your tractor to the dealer is just not the best solution for this kind of "problem." There is no way your dealer is going to work your tractor hard for several hours to get the temperature up. They may change a thermostat, a temperature sending unit, or clean out the radiators, maybe even test the gage for proper resistance numbers. Heck, they may even replace the gage. That's all they will do. For real-world numbers under working conditions, you will need to buy an IR thermometer to check the radiator when the tractor shows hot. That way you will know exactly whether the tractor is really too hot or not. Harbor Freight has an IR thermometer on sale for $26.99. That would be well-spent money to have one of those handy to double check your temperature gage.

I'm guessing you have never had a boil-over when the temperature gage shows high. I would not worry at all with the reading you posted considering you have AC and an HST transmission. If it gets nearer the red, then I would check it with the IR gage. I would say that the red zone should start at about 210 degrees. If your tractor is running 200 or less at that point, then I'd say that is normal.

I don't have AC on my tractor, but I've never seen the gage go up to even half-way on the green area. I've replaced my gage once because it was reading very low. I work my tractor hard and the front grills on the hood get clogged with lint. Still, the temperature gage does not go up very far. If I were a betting man, I'd bet that your gage is giving you bogus info. You just will never know until you read the temperature with another gage when your dashboard gage says it is hot. I just don't think your dealer will ever do that for you satisfactorily.
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In my opinion, taking your tractor to the dealer is just not the best solution for this kind of "problem." There is no way your dealer is going to work your tractor hard for several hours to get the temperature up.

Thanks Jinman,
I kind of thought the same thing. Went to the dealer this morning and picked up oil and filters but left the tractor at home. Since the gauge shows normal under idle I didn't figure there was any way they would get a true reading as you mentioned. I'll take a look at the IR gauge you mentioned.