e70 cat, one side works the other doesnt

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Apr 7, 2015
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Without knowing more about it I would make a worse case repair offer and if it’s a less problem than you win.
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Feb 17, 2022
so did you buy the machine?
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Jan 30, 2008
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to be honest, I have just about decided to not mess with it. It could turn into a money pit pretty fast. Altho, I still believe its nothing major like the main pump. As for the pilot pressure, not sure how I want to test individual joysticks. I will say the right joystick, the side that aint working, is awful easy to move, so pilot pressure could be low. One thing I have considered is just swapping the main pressure hoses at the pump, altho I havent looked to see how hard that might be to do. My reasoning is if the problems swapped from right side to left side, I would know the one pump isnt being energized and the problem wouldnt be pilot pressure at the joystick. If the problem didnt swap sides, well this should tell me the problem isnt the pump, which is the high dollar part. Now, if the problem is in pilot pressure to the right joystick, but the left side has pressure, I would just need to find where the pressure is split and see if that valve is stuck. The dang relief screw that looks screwed almost all the way out is just knawing at me. I think before I try anything else, I am going to count the turns and crank that screw in and see what happens. I havent been back to the machine since first looking at it.
I used to run a mechanic truck with a crane, 16,000 lb big one. Welder and hydraulic compressor. Worked on track hoes from little rock to Dallas. I'd be more concerned with how loose all the pins are and how good the tracks and rollers are. If those are good and it runs good enough to load up, get it. It may need to run a while and get those pumps primed back up. Sitting two years will leak down. I don't think it's the bypass since it pulls the bucket through dirt. Them machines really aren't that bad once you get it primed up. If it don't travel straight or one side don't pull, probably time to replace innards in swivel joint, if it has over 3,000 hrs. I've bought them with 7-8 thousand hours and used them daily for years. Loading dirt to build roads.