Early observations, Workmaster 40



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Jun 27, 2006
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With a whole 10 hours on the tractor, I can see, hear and feel that the machine is somewhat less user friendly than the TC26DA it replaces. The loader doesn't appear to have true dual function capability, something that in a little time will be a non-issue once I get used to it. They put the brake on the correct (left) side of the tractor on this one, and that's a huge plus. The brake and treadle on the same side of the TC26 was a silly combination, one I notice is common on some of the Kubotas as well. When mowing, I am going to really appreciate the middle range, and the extra PTO power that allows me to move faster. The TC26 needed to mow in low range, and though the PTO could handle higher speeds with the 60" RFM, full speed - low range was all I could use on our uneven ground. The loader is fast- fast enough that underballasting could cause problems when picking up something heavy. The TC 26 loader was slow enough that I could stop it if the rear wheels got an inch off the ground. Hoping to get used to the two hydro pedals instead of the treadle, because I do a lot of dumping snow off a very steep bank in winter. Don't want to go forward by mistake there.
The extra PTO power runs the chipper a little smoother, and less prone to losing flywheel speed.
I was and remain surprised about the rattling noise made by the much ballyhooed pin adjustable sway bars. I think I'd rather have the quieter turnbuckles there.
The difference in stability and comfort on uneven ground is much more than I would have guessed. I can easily go places where the smaller tractor would feel tippy.
We are basically underwater here, and the grass has greened up and is growing so fast you'd swear you could hear it, but We'll need several dry days before I can dare to use this machine for cutting grass. Did for about 10 minutes last week, and it went well for that little bit.
I am now in the process of deciding where to mount a tool box. I put a manual canister on the ROPS for various pins and such. Tool box will go either on the right side ROPS or on the front of the tractor behind the loader. Not sure which yet.
Hydro whine is probably 10x more pronounced on this tractor than on the 26. I often wondered why people complained about it here, and now I understand better. Between that, the sway bars and the engine, I'll probably be wearing hearing protection for more than just mowing and chipping.
As expected though, the middle range will end up being the most appreciated feature, and in the end, take some mowing away from the lawn tractor if it ever dries up around here.


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Jan 16, 2020
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That's a nice size tractor. Thanks for the updates- keep us posted.

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May 1, 2017
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Nice tractor! I'm not sure if you would like tool boxes up higher, but I mounted one on each side of the ROPS. One holds pins, clips, straps, and misc hardware. The other has the few simple tools...

This was the only pic I have of them....4431DF8C-75E8-47DE-913F-A76B12F105F1.jpeg


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Apr 6, 2012
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I put my Workmaster’s tool box on the right side. It required moving the lights up higher on the ROP’s (all bolt on with mods to the light brackets).
The existing cables on the lights were long enough without modification.