eMax 25 seatbelt way too small

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Feb 15, 2005
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just got the tractor and it is a tight stretch to attach the seat belt around me, told salesman and he tried, he's not as old and fat as me, and it was too tight also. Female end is about 12" long male end is like 2 feet long. Anyone else have this problem or does everyone else go without (not an option)???
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I'd call around junk yards for a lap belt from the middle seat in an older SUV, van or truck bench seat.
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I don't know if the eMax is any different, but I know the Max has a fixed lap belt. With the backhoe kit came the express seat upgrade that has a retractable belt that's WAY better that I actually like to wear. I like DT86's idea of finding a retractable one from a junk yard that would do just the same.
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Can you post a pic of the male end of the seat belt? Just as a thought, I know Ford offers seat belt extenders for all of their vehicles. But we need to see what the male end of your belt looks like to see if there is an option out there. B.
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gave dealer and Mahindra one week to fix the problem, Max 24 has nice seat with backhoe, should be same on eMax25, so next Saturday I go for my money back if not corrected.
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The OP, architect, is bringing up a valid point that needs to be solved by Mahindra. When the backhoe seat spins on a Max22/24/25/26/28, the seatbelt spins with it and stays the same length. But on an eMax22/25, the seatbelt is fixed to the base (below the spinning part). When the seat lifts to go toward the backhoe position, the belt becomes too short, moreover, it ends up being a thigh or knee belt as it is simply in the wrong position. We will get an official fix for this soon I am sure. This is not an issue of it not reaching or fitting correctly only on "big" guys.
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Mahindra doesn't appear able to take the Max 22/24/25/26/28 seat and put on the eMax, they are still working on why they have a KNEE belt and not a seat belt when you want to use the backhoe. If you look at the eMax web site , take o look at picture of backhoe in operation, seat belt is shown laying over left fender, and operate is without seat belt.
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Mahindra is working with the MANUFACTURER of the Back Hoe to resolve ??????????????
The Back Hoe and Tiller are Made in USA for Mahindra, I informed them that they were the Manufacturer and I was the Purchaser from them and they are to resolve. Who is Mahindra? I said go and grab a Max 24 seat and see if the holes line up, and call me. About to give up.
I told Dealer that I would return eMax and exchange for Max 24, but will start that fight Friday.
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I'm supportive of your quest to get the seatbelt issue resolved. In the normal "drive the tractor" mode, the belt is pretty short. Works fine for skinny guys, but really needs to be longer for many folks. The second issue is how it works in backhoe mode, seat spun rearward. In that case, it is located in the wrong location and does not work at all. But as I have thought about this, it has come to my attention that most backhoe attachments have no seatbelt. On all of the backhoe attachments I see with their own seat (a second seat) like our 3720, 509/511, 485/595, 2710/3710, 1710, etc...none of them come with a seatbelt. Is a seatbelt needed or required on a backhoe attachment? I just don't know the answer to that. Our Max tractors have seatbelts that work when the seat is spun, none of the rest of the Mahindra like has such a feature.

Just some thoughts. Not trying to open up a can of worms, but I do find it interesting that backhoe attachments generally do not have seatbelts. I'm not sure how that is in other brands.