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Looking for feedback on this.

MIL will be 84 in 2 weeks, lives alone, small town in NJ, closest relative about half hour away, not close to any of her neighbors. Very adamant that she is NOT moving no matter what all her kids say. Has the usual array of aging issues, diabetes, blood pressure, decreasing kidney function, but otherwise OK, mobile, drives, pretty independent.

So I've been checking out these various alert systems - mind boggling to say the least.

I very decided on a combination approach. - 5Star Urgent Response, which is a small device she call put on a necklace, keychain, bracelet etc. works most anywhere there is a verizon cell signal. Biggest challenge I see is keeping it charged. I want to add the 5Star Urgent Response app on her iPhone. Would appear to give her a backup she can take anywhere and have when the other is recharging. Both use a GPS feature. Also appears to put some personal/medical info readily available. Of course, our hope is she never has a need for either, but hopefully a bit of peace of mind for her and others.

All system have pros and cons, anybody care to share their experiences?

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I know of two older people that used something similar;getting them to actually "use it" when needed was the problem.Sorry there is no easy answer.My father's was telephone based;the one time that he needed it he tried to call first and dropped the phone(land line).....so the system didn't work.I think a simple cell phone with emergency numbers programmed is the most trust-worthy.
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I got the landline system from walgreens for my mother and MIL. My mother wears hers at all times when in and around the house. She has accidentally activated it twice the one time i got the call but knew she was at my daughters house thats next door to her so 911 was not alerted. The call from the call center comes to me first if no answer 911 is called. The other time she had the pendant on when she got in the car and accidentally triggered the alert as we were backing out of the carport, they never called my cell but the ems did show up at the house. The system uses a speakerphone that can hear you and be heard anywhere within the house when the button is pushed the operator will come back over the speaker and ask if your ok or need help. If you fall in the yard the receiver will still get the signal but you won't be able to hear the operator. Some of the systems have a sensor in the pendant that automatically detects a fall.
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My Mom has one she wears like a Watch. She fell one day and they called me and EMS.