Engine noise on new CX2510

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I have several left over from when a dealer tried to mask the poorly performing remotes (leaking down) on the then new L3800, and have bought some from Surplus Center since, for other applications.

Sorry to hear that in your case it has had practical implications. In my case it's just irritating, so far, and the skid steer is the same way, but as I recall it can be slowed down in the settings on that one.

Please don't hold your breath on the Kioti fix. I've probably had it for a couple of months by now, but still haven't actually used it. Too much going on.
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Yeah, the loader on my CX2510 is VERY responsive. I’d say it’s a tad over-boosted, for lack of knowledge of the proper term. The bucket will raise so fast it nearly pulls the front tires off the ground when I release the lever.

I grew accustomed to it quickly, and frankly fast cycle times are a strong selling point.
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I grew accustomed to it quickly, and frankly fast cycle times are a strong selling point.
I doubt I'll get used to it.

What I am used to is how the three Kubota and two Unimog loaders operate, and it'll likely stay that way.

It's bad enough that the skid steer's is overly quick, effectively making jobs take longer since I basically have to stop and very carefully lower its loader.
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Instead of using the top of the stick grab the stick at the halfway point with your palm/wrist resting against the fender for finesse work…
What I do 😉
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I'll try it. But to me, the longer the lever, the better the precision should be since it takes more hand movement to move the valve a certain distance.
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Correct. But if you can anchor your wrist or forearm instead of using your whole arm to move the stick the movements can be more precise….
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My Branson is mechanically injected, and has none of the diesel rattle.

Glad the OP got the loose loader ringing fixed.

It is interesting HOW different some tractor diesels sound though.

Both of my Ford tractors have been loud until they warm up then just the exhaust is loud. My china tractor also direct mechanical injected is amazingly quiet as far as engine rattle -almost non existent but has always had cam gear whirring noise since they are straight cut also the intake sound is pretty loud.
The smaller Kioti's I have heard were all had diesel rattle at idle even on the lot new.
Sisters turbo Kubota powered tracked Bobcat skid steer is really smooth and quiet as was the JD 4 liter turbo diesel Very smooth with no rattle even at 5000 hours. Our old Case 970 was super quiet as well. The little Ford Shibaura engines are kind of loud as well. Seems turbos quiet all of them down a bit when installed.
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My New Holland skid steer is amazingly quiet. The Kioti is anything but.

Of course, it might settle down over time. With two hours on it that time hasn't arrived yet.
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Calming down jerky hydraulics, starts with the valves. The lans on the spools don’t have enough of a chamfer to easily meter partial flow. The spool only needs to move a few thousandths to make significant change in flow. I have filed or machined “notches” on the edge of the lans to change the response from the valves on sawmill log turners to make them “user friendly”. I have also gone to higher rated springs (that center the spool) to change the “feel”.
Fly by wire valves can drive you crazy trying to modify the response curve, My JCB 215T was available at a good price, because no one working for the contractor liked how the fly by wire valves worked. They do suck, but at 76 I am not in a hurry and I get along with it. The only reason I haven’t modified the spools is my personal inertia (lazy). A more gradual transition from Off (closed) to On (open) on the spool itself, gives the operator much better control. Some valves have adjustable stops that limit spool travel, that could be a possible solution to controlling the loader. IMHO there is fine line between “responsive” and “uncontrollable”.
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Today I got a chance to work a bit with the little CK2620, both backhoe and loader.

I'm impressed. It's a LOT more capable than the minuscule BX25D - which was the reason I started looking for another small backhoe in the first place.

Yes, all the controls are faster acting than what I'm used to, even at 1,500 rpm, but I can likely get in tune with that. The two separate Forward and Reverse pedals might take a while, though.