Experience Changing Front Steering Shaft Seal ?



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Mar 20, 2016
MH CG2310, White GT205, Cessna 140
I found out the seal (4265156M91) around my right steering pivot shaft is leaking. I put about a cup of hydraulic fluid into the axle and after about 1/2 hour it had all leaked out from the right side.

Does anybody have experience replacing this seal? It appears I need to pull the tire and hub housing to drop the steering shaft. There are two bearings for the shaft and the seal. I'm wondering how difficult it is to get in there, replace the seal, and put it all back together.

From the parts diagram, looks like I need to pull the wheel, axle, and metal wheel cover. Once looking at the gears in the hub, pull the big round gear. Then the vertical shaft might drop down and I could slide a new seal over the shaft.