Feral hogs trap the building of my own (DIY).

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Jun 10, 2017
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Have you ever thought about making a trap for feral pigs?
Here is the answer to how to make it.
The cost is less than $50.

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Trapping is by far the most efficient and effective way to get rid of feral pigs. However, small traps like this aren't very good at getting rid of pigs. It is an excellent way to make feral pigs trap smart.

The above concept is discussed here: Hog Trapping - Trap & Gate Selection - JAGER PRO Store
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Yeah that trap ain't big enough. Get some unistrut and 20ft hog panels.
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   / Feral hogs trap the building of my own (DIY).
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The video showing the hog is huge due to the camera angle.
The trap is over 350lb and very sturdy. One or two hogs could be trapped easily.
I am ready to catch another one..
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There were some living about 20 miles from here years ago but they thankfully disappeared after they put a bounty on them .
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As someone mentioned,trap need's to be large enough for at least a dozen and preferablly more. Otherwise they wise up and avoid traps. If landowners would cooperate the population can be controlled but too many people operate with greed and stuborness as primary to common good.
If all landowners inside natural boundaries (rivers,IH Hi-ways,lakes,towns ect) form a commity and contribute $1 for each acre they own to a fund and each do thier part ongoing,the success is far better while expense and labor is far less than each doing their own thing. Let's say 100 square miles lie inside natural boundries. You have $64k to build 10 corral size PORTABLE and 10 semi-portable traps, a high tech device that alow's dropping door on trap from 50 miles away via smart phone,half dozen recorder type trail cams,1 live data via smart phone trail cam to inhance remote control for gate,a custom trailer to move traps,rifle,ir rifle scope,a silincer if someone can quilfy, a low flatbed with winch to move dead hogs and occasionally buy corn(supermarket spoilage should be mor than adiquate for bait). According to # of landowners,a suitable group messaging is set up. Hogs run in gangs,packs,herds,more accuratly called sounders. About the time you think hogs have disappeared or decided they don't like your land,a herd root's up 10 acres of field and your orchard in a single night. Unles you have been vigilant with baiting and tending traps for 3 months that aren't catching this would ordinarally be the time you set traps and already wasted a day. The hogs will be in the general area and drifting but unless field was planted in something they like or orchard has lots of fruit on ground,the hogs aren't likly to return to the same place for 4 weeks to 4 months. Here's where you start saving time and expense. You notify group message of location, date,time,type damage,aproximated acres and number of hogs. Rarly will 24 hours pass without reported sightings and/or damage. Reports establish how many sounders are on the 64k acres,size of sounder A-B&C,predictable direction of travel for each sounder and of course how many have gone to big pen in the sky. Traps begin baiting for anticipated arrival. Doors are open and blocked to prevent triggering on some traps based on collective trail cam history. Needless to say,the wi-fi door is moved for best use. If the situation warrant's ,you have the stomach and guys with skill,boars large as can be safly handled get free vasectomies and tips of their ears cut off. Hogs grow rapidly so there's no need to go after the largest around. The tipped ears prevent them being shot when traped. It is also understood anyone showing off a trophy with tipped ears might be subject to something unpleasant.
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These cost a lot more than $50 but you can get a lot more pigs in one.

We make our own traps and the material alone costs more than $50 but we can get up to 20 pigs/hogs in one. It's the way the gate is set up.
That one seems to be a good design. Not cheap, but effective. Uses the hog weight to keep it down on the ground and gets the whole family.
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My brief encounter with Ferel Hogs was short and fortunate. We didn't have them in the hundreds like some folks do. I had a buddy that made a trap from unistrut and hog panels he could break down and move so he brought it out for me to bait and monitor. I got 5 the first week and a few later on.

I failed to trap the matriarch and last I saw her she had another litter. She was trap smart to begin with and I guess the ever looming risk of her young being trapped made her move on.

My friend was slow to retrieve the trap after it was no longer needed and the wife tired of looking at it but it worked out for everyone involved. My hog problem moved on and we all got some meat out of it.