Ferris IS4500 Diesel- anybody own one?



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Mar 26, 2008
Southern, OH
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I found a pretty good deal on one. So, I'm thinking about selling my IS3000 that I bought pretty cheap (not much difference in price).

I keep reading on the internet about not being able to see what you are cutting around- the edge of the deck when you are trying to edge up against something like a tree or bush....

I can see the edge of my 3000 deck just fine.......

Anything else? Power? Weight?

Mine does unbelievable on hills. However, it has bar tread tires on it. When I went to look at it, I thought he was nuts for putting them on there. After using it, though, I don't think I'd have one without them.......great on hills and banks and if you feather it, they seem to tear up the lawn less.......that's what he said at the time and I still thought he was crazy....he was right.
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Mar 20, 2007
Ferris IS4500 Diesel ZTR; JD G100; BCS 732 w/tiller/chipper
I have the IS4500 Diesel and am very happy with it.

Cut is good, power is great, ride is superb. I can easily see the sides of the 61" deck. I have bar/turf tires also, have only spun the wheels once going up a 30 degree hill on wet grass. They work fine on dry grass.

The machine is large and heavy...leaves tire tracks in the turf and will tear up the grass if you do 180 turns on wet turf. But, with a more gradual turn the turf damage can be eliminated.

Full suspension ride is phenomenal, as is the power and overall robust design.

From what I've read the IS4500 has the best suspension of the Ferris series, and Ferris has the best suspension in the business...

Check my other posts for more insights. Overall I would recommend it if you need or can justify this large a machine. Tire tracks due to weight are the only downside; manuverability is excellent.