Fixing oil leak at valve cover gasket on 4500z

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Apr 3, 2022
john deere 4410
My sad passed away before he could help direct me through this job. We were supposed to get it done soon but God called him to Heaven.
I read the post about removing the coil bracket and prying up the cover. Does the hood need to come off? How does one clean the residue of the remaining gasket. Does one put something on to hold the new gasket in place.
Hoping someone could give me a step by step on this job.

Thanks in advance.
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Aug 7, 2016
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I'm sorry your father passed away.

This job is not easy, there are a lot of small details that a mechanic deals with in doing this type of job. The 4500z has the WG972-GL Kubota engine.

The Operators manual has some great information as well as the Workshop manual. See page 118 of the workshop manual in particular.

I've not done this specific job, but I'm pretty sure the hood should come off just for the access.

If you aren't very familiar with working on engines, I would strongly suggest you let someone else do it or get someone who is experienced help you in person, just this time anyway. I'm positive your father would understand and agree.