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Dec 10, 2012
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I came across this old photo from a project I managed a few years ago. I needed to do work on the head of a well which was located in the closed courtyard of a high school. When the school was first built the well was just in a field beside the school but over the years, as additions were built, the well eventually was inaccessible. The excavator was hoisted over the roof and all materials in and out of the courtyard moved by the crane and a bucket. Sorry but I don't remember the model of the excavator.
Dave M7040

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Cool pic. I think I know that model of excavator: It was the Wallenda.
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Maybe it was the Dumbo?
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Clint Eastwood " Hang Em' High"
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Thanks for posting.
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To add to the "Flying Kubota" story I found a few more pictures to give a better idea of the job it was doing and specifics of the machine.
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That's a KX-41, 3700#.

It's kind of mindboggling to see in the manual where they tell you the lift points for doing something like this.

Very interesting.

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Nice pic. I hear the newer excavators are more aerodynamic though. :laughing: