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Apr 30, 2014
Logan, WV
JD 650, Ventrac 4500Z AJ02248
SwampDog posted the above referenced thread some time back. Yesterday, I noticed a youtube by "HeartBreakOrchard" or similar with same symptoms. That video maker determined fuel starvation before the fuel filter. He removed the tank and cleaned that finding dirt and what looks like polyethelene plastic trash in tank and similar trash stuck in fuel line. He shows the fuel tank removal and such. This apparently resolved the issue.

I have have several such fuel starvation stalls which I "remedied" by reverse blowing the fuel lines, knowing that a proper repair really needed tank flush and fuel line inspection. So, after seeing his post, I removed my fuel tank and flushed it. I found the culprit; a nickle sized waffer of clear RTV silicone plastic. In gasoline, this waffer had neutral bouyancy; it neither sank nor floated. Apparently it would occasionally be sucked onto the fuel inlet and stop the flow. Otherwise my tank was clean as can be. Removing and replacing the tank is not difficult, but time consuming; about 2 hours for me as I worked figuring out the technique as I went and taking water breaks due to heat and sun.