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Aug 12, 2005
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I need to get the clutch in my Ford 3000 fixed ASAP, but when I went to order parts I'm getting confused as to exactly which assembly I need. I typically go to Messicks and find the part number on the diagrams, but I'm not having any luck this time. I know my tractor was made on April 1, 1970. Ideally, I'd like to have parts on hand before splitting the tractor. I assume there's a way I can determine the right part number, but I'm just not seeing it. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks
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The model code (true model) found on the hood or rh transmission bell housing ledge behind the starter will tell what transmission/PTO combo you have.

Alternatively, your transmission is probably an 8x2, but could be a 6x4. You could have a live PTO(clutch fully to disengage) or independent PTO (engage PTO with a lever under the seat without using the clutch). The answer to those items narrows it down.
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Transmission is an 8x2, with live PTO.
Maybe I should ask, what parts should I be replacing? This is my first clutch problem, so I'm not positive what all I need. I see a full "kit" listed on Messicks and the New Holland site, but $636 is more than I expected a clutch job to be. And when I search for that part number online, nothing shows up.
I THINK I need the plate/cover assembly, disc, and alignment tool (can't find a part number). And I THINK the disc is 11", 10 spline. This kit sounds like it would fit, but all other sites show a triangular disc.

Ford Tractor Clutch Kit 2110 2120 2150 2300 230A 231 2310 2600 2610 2810 2910 | eBay

I also wonder is some places are listing their kits as "double clutch", but mean dual stage instead.
Sorry for the rambling and constant questions. I've spent the last hour searching the internet, and I'm more confused than when I started.
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MMagis, the link to Ebay doesn't direct correctly for me, but the C7NN7550AC triangular disc and D8NN7502AA double clutch are what you need. Several kits show up and are the Atlantic Quality Parts 1112-6076 part number. It is a great value with the bearings and pilot tool.
Double clutch, dual clutch and two stage clutch reference the same thing. Triangular clutch for the transmission and PTO clutch within the pressure plate.
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Thanks for all your help! Wish I had done this before now. I'll be shoveling snow today. :rolleyes: