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Mar 20, 2024
1965 Ford 3000 diesel
I have a 1965 Ford 3000 diesel tractor. I bought new fuel injectors and noticed that the tops are shorter .the old ones tops are removable and have a spring in them. Did I get the wrong ones?
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Not necessarily. The newer injectors still have the same setup inside, just lower profile and are adjustable through the leakoff hole.
What part number did you get?
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Yeah, that... my brother has like 6? of the 3-6 cylinder Ford tractors and there's two heights of injectors, he's only bought 3 replacement injectors though for the 4600 but apparently there's only a few different injectors between the whole range of everything... we put one of those injectors from the 4600 in the 7000 chasing an odd miss. The 4600's issue turned out to be in the pump but running Diesel Klean or whatever (grey bottle) fixed that thing right up...