Ford New Holland 914 54" Mid-Mount Mower

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Ford New Holland Mid-Mount Side Discharge Mower and Brackets from a TC21D. Rebuilt the mower deck with new bearings, seals, and blades...then my wife bought a zero turn mower for me so I don't use it.

Great mower for someone who is looking for a VERY solid MMM for their tractor. Should fit Ford 1120, 1220 or New Holland TC18,21,24.

$500, same unit is listed on TractorHouse for over twice the price.

Located in King George, Virginia
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I'm interested.

Did you ever use it? Did you run it with a FEL? Can you post some photos, including the underside and mounts? Do you have any photos showing it mounted to your TC21?

Thanks, Don
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Sure thing Don. I did use it with a FEL, regularly cut 0.5 acres with it. I don't currently have it mounted but I will try to find time soon and post those pictures. I have a lot of travel in the coming weeks.

I've kept the unit stored on its side so it doesn't collect water, so unfortunately the only picture I have at the moment is from the ugly underside. You can see the brand new high lift blades, they only have one cut on them.



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Look good...