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The following forum rules shall govern the conduct of members of TractorByNet. In addition to these guidelines, our Terms of Use has an acceptable user policy in section 9, which all members are bound by and must agree to in order to sign in.

What's not allowed on TBN:

-Advertising or soliciting in message body or via PM (members with an "Advertiser" title are exempt from this rule but are prohibited from spamming via PM or posting duplicates of the same message in the forums)

-Insulting other members

-Arguing with other members, heated and unreasonable debate, "beating a dead horse" without any sign of rational thought process

-Concealing profanity in message

-Excessive use of profanity (whether filtered or not)

-Signature contains profanity, commercial links (unless an advertiser), inappropriate content, links to inappropriate content or content that appears to be there just to cause trouble.

-Discussion of religious topics

-Discussion of political topics

-Discussion of covid-19 related topics

-Impolitely criticizing moderators, admins or site policies

-Mentioning dealer name in threads discussing problems or disputes with dealers

If you do any of these things, your messages may be deleted, or in some cases threads closed. Although rare, repeated offenses lead to account deletion or temporary bans.

Ban criteria:

First rule violation will result in post deletion.

Second violation may result in a 7 day ban.

Third violation will result in a 7-30 day ban.

Fourth violation will result in a permanent ban.

We don't want to ban anybody but we try to keep the forum on topic and avoid making enemies out of friends.
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