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7/8/24 Update on the Foton 254A clutch saga. The adjustment did work for a little while, but it has started to slip again. Going to go ahead and split the case and just replace the Dual stage clutch and PTO disc assembly and throw out bearing as I feel this might keep happening due to its age. This is frustrating as I just finished doing a total bumper to bumper restoration on the entire tractor. Looks like new. Replaced every wire, hose, pump, cylinder kits and nearly everything possible then repainted it frame up. Now I get to take it all back apart.
While I have it apart, I do need to look into why the hydraulic fluid seems to leak from the housing under the seat into the transmission over filling it. Anyone have any ideas on how that would be possible?

Also, any suggestions on why my Koyker 140 FEL doesn't seem to have the lift capacity It seems it should. I rebuilt all 4 cylinders, replaced all the hoses, replaced the hydraulic pump and the hand tilt lift control valve assembly. Everything is new. Have used it several times now so I assume any air would be gone by now.
I will post pics of the clutch replacement project along with the total restoration process that was done. Not sure the tractor has the value to support everything I have put into it so it was more of a OCD labor of love project.
I welcome any input.