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Jan 2, 2003
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Hey everyone,

Stopped by my local Branson dealer and got a bit of surprise--all the loaders were made by Frey Industries in Canada. Looked over the scene pretty carefully but did not operate the loader (will as soon as I get the chance). First observations...the joystick is in a much better place and seems to be a better design than the Ansung loader joystick--except that it is a bit close to the brakes and accelerator. Couldn't tell if this would interefere.

I think I like the design and heft of the Ansung loaders better. There were a lot of rusty bolts on the Frey Loader, and they did not have a grill guard that extended up, and overall looked to be less fit and finished. Don't have the specs, though.

Anyone know if this is a supply issue, or a quality issue, or a price issue, or what?

I'll get some pics when I get a chance.
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First time I've heard of Frey loaders at all. I'm going right past my dealer today. I think I'll stop and see if they are showing up down here.

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Now that I think about it, Frey loaders used to be used on the old series Bransons--the "L" series that are not as nice as the new 20 and 30 series. Here's the spec comparison:

Ansung loader:

Maximun Lift Height 102.95"
Clearence with Attachment Dumped 78.74"
Reach at Maximum Height 28.35"
Maximum dump angle 60 degrees
Reach with Attachment of Ground 62.40"
Attachment Rollback Angle 34º
Digging Depth Below Grade 5.31"
Overall Height in Carry Postion 48.23"
Lift Capacity at Full Height @ pivot pin 2,094 lbs
Depth of Attachment (to back of inner shell) 23.23"
Height of Attachment 19.68"
Depth of Attachment (to pivot pin) 27.56"
Breakout Force @ Ground Level 500mm forward of pivot pin 2,755 lbs

Frey loader:
Maximum Lift Height: 98''
Clearance, Attachment Dumped: 77''
Reach at Maximum Height: 17''
Maximum Dump Angle: 36 Deg.
Reach with Attachment on Ground: 58''
Attachment Rollback Angle: 20 Deg.
Digging Depth: 6''
Overall Height in Carrying Position: 52''
Maximum Lift(lbs): 920
Maximum Breakout Force(lbs) : 1840
Hydraulic Cylinder Size: 2'' - 1.5''

Looks to me like the Ansung loader is significantly better in the spec department. To compare the two visually, here are the links:
Frey loader

Couldn't find very good pics of the frey, but again from what I saw, the Ansung was nicer.
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Yea, I knew that. Frey's website has terrible pics. No slight intended to you Canadians.
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Just got back from town. My dealer has not heard of any changes at Branson, and all of his current Branson loaders are Ansungs. He thinks the VA dealer is just using cheaper loaders.

He also says he will be glad to sell a Branson with a Branson loader to anyone in VA who wants one. He does shipping too. /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

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Not in the market right now--just curious. I doubt my dealer is doing this, as he is very small and sells Bransons secondary to his main business--commercial lawn maintenance equipment. The loaders are welded on and painted Branson red. I think this is something done at the distributor level. Of course, I've been wrong once or twice before /forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif
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</font><font color="blue" class="small">( The loaders are welded on and painted Branson red. )</font>

Welded? Welded??????? You mean you couldn't even take it off even if you wanted to? Not quick-disconnect, but non-disconnect, or was it the mount that was welded on?

Was the Branson name anywhere on the loader? Did you look closely at the welds and the paint, Jonathon? Did it really look like that was done by Branson down in GA? They are the only distributor, AFAIK. Their web site still lists the Ansung loaders.

Maybe the dealers on the board will chime in with what they know.

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I'm a Branson dealer, and the loaders were, and are still, Ansung, and they bolt on, not weld-on. Sounds like the Branson dealer selling the other loaders probably has a good connection for them and is saving money, but I suspect if the loader somehow damaged the tractor, Branson would not feel obligated to cover such damage under warranty. Looks like the Ansung loader is much better in the spec department anyway.
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No,no--the mounts are welded on and I don't think my dealer has the capability to do that kind of work. Since the mounts are by no means standardized, it would seem unlikely that a small dealer would have the ability to get aftermarket loaders made up and fitted for a relatively new tractor. Yes, they are Branson red. No, Branson does not have their name on the loader, but their name is not on the Ansung loader either (at least not mine).

All of this talk is moot because I just heard back from Mark Eubanks, the V.P. at Branson. Branson IS offering both the Ansungs and the Frey loaders, which I suspect are cheaper. I, for one, don't like this development, but I guess it makes the Branson even more of a good value. I have not used the Frey loader of course.