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Jun 7, 2003
Crozet, Virginia
Branson 3510 4X4
I posted this in a thread started by 19th_VA and he suggested that I start a new thread. So...

The Branson dealer here is telling me that the Frey loader (TAS 180 that he has on his 2 remaining Branson 3510s) is as good as the Branson loaders and has similar specs. He insisted that they cost him more than the Branson loaders also. When I asked him if the Frey loaders had the same lift capacity as the Branson loaders, he was adamant that they did. Yet my internet search yielded the same specs that 19th_VA posted earlier in this thread: Branson = 1675lbs and Frey = 920lbs. Is it possible that the specs on the Frey website are old?

Maybe I'm making to much of the maximum lift?

Wish I lived a little closer to SnowRidge's dealer...
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Absolutely not, the C-50 is made in the Czech Republic. And is the most durable loader available for a Century. It is only available to Century dealers. I suggest you visit a Century Dealer and compare for your self. I think you will agree.
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But yes you are correct the C-30 and C-40 are Ansung. As for the Frey I am not a expert but I believe they are made by TAS in Canada. I am sure DavesTractor could helps us with that
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Frey is made by TAS as Chipperman suggested. We always use the Ansung, so I can't really comment with authority on the TAS loader.
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Jonathan, I don't have the specs on the TAS. As far as price, the dealer price for the TAS for the 10 series tractor is about $200 higher than the Ansung. For the 20 series, they are the same price.
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I think you guys have it backwards. Frey makes TAS loaders for the US market. Also check on moving up to the next series or the 20 or 30 with in each size instead of the base 10 model.
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Thanks, Dave. Good info to have. So why the Frey loaders? Is it a supply issue?
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Contacted Frey Industries today. Explained my concern about the specs on the ML180 on their website. In particular, I was concerned about max weight the loader could lift. Frey told me that the specs on the website were not applicable to me based on the type of tractor I was getting (Branson 3510). Said they used a conservative estimate on those specs because the ML180 loaders are also put on lighter tractors and the front axles can't handle more weight than the specs suggested. He said I wouldn't have that problem with my Branson.

I made two observations based on this conversation. First, this information is consistent with what my dealer told me. Second, this reinforces to me that my dealer is on the up and up...and has been throughout this whole process. Sometimes I have applied the car dealer standard to tractors dealers and maybe that was a mistake on my part. Regardless, my wife said to stop messing around and go get the tractor. I'm on my way there right now. Thanks for all the great information.