Massachusetts FS: Rockhound 40EXHD Kubota K4080 excavator mower/mulcher



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Sep 23, 2000
Kubota L5740 cab + FEL, KX121, KX080
For Sale, mower/mulcher attachment for excavator. This is a like-new Kubota branded version of the Rouckhound 40EXHD flail mower/mulcher, equipped with Kubota KX080 quick attach mount. Note this is the "HD" version of the 40EX, and is significantly more heavily built. Weighs 1100 lbs vs 800 lbs for the non-HD version. It's a wrecking ball with spinning blades. Outstanding for brush, vegitation, and small tree clearing, especially along roadways and other hard to reach places. The flail mower chops everything up into much smaller pieces compared to other cutters, resulting a in a nice finish cut. 50hrs of use, and about 2 years old. The blades are in excellent condition save for a nick or two (see pictures), and can still be reversed as well. $17,000 new from Kubota or Rockhound. Asking $13,000, and will knock off $500 if you don't want the bolt-on KX080 coupler. It is located in central New England, and I can assist with deliver as part of a deal.