Getting snapped off bolt out of hole

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When drilling the hole, make sure you are dead center. Drill the biggest hole you can without ruining the threads. For some holes, I have to drill a pilot hole, then the bigger one.

The reason for the biggest hole possible is so that you can fit the biggest easy out possible into the hole. They will break off on you from time to time and then it just gets to be allot more fun dealing with getting the broken off easy out, out of the hole.

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The obvious things have been stated. Some tips are

1) soak it with quality penetrent. I use stuff called "Heat pipe lubricant and rust remover" from GM. It's what the mechanics use to get loose stuck bolts and they don't have time to monkey around.

2) Heat the surrounding area as hot as possible. You may burn the paint. Use either a heat gun, propane torch or O/AC. I'm out of O/Ac currently and have been using the HF heat gun with decent success recently.

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There is a kit made called a helicoil, that will replace the stock bolt threads with an insert that goes back to stock threads. If its a larger bolt, the kit will be expensive, but they work great. Its kind of a last resort if nothing else works.
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Left handed drill bits are the easiest way to remove the bolt; If broken bolt can be ground flat; that is a plus. Try to center punch broken bolt as close to center as possible. You will have to drill it anyway. Use a left handed drill bit and you may just get it to back out. Easyouts never work. If you break it off; you are up a creek without a paddle.
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all the above are good suggestions. I can only add take all the weight, and/or pressure off the bolt before working on it. I have seen bolts that once the head has popped off there is no "load" left on it and they can be unscrewed with an awl. if you can remove surrounding parts, lube it with PB Blaster, smack around part with big hammer to vibrate the PB Blaster in then have at it.
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All the above is good. I have been working on Grey market versions of these for a while. Most of the bolts will come out easy if you can just get a hold on them. It will be a pain, but taking the ROPS off might give you enough meat left exposed on the bolt to take out with a set of vise grips. I use a Dremel tool to cut a scew driver slot in the top of the broken bolt and then do all the above, heat, lube, shock, and remove. I really like PB Blaster. If you apply it over and over a period of time usually after a day or so the bolt/stud will come right out. Also, if possible it is sometimes easier to screw the bolt on in out the bottom if it can do that. Have you looked to see if some bolt threads are exposed under the fender?
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Sitting here trying to think of the ROP mount on my Kubotas and then not knowing the model or your's have no idea if they are the same or not; but can you remove the ROPS and get access to the bolt?

If not or you feel too much effort to begin with, I would use the penetrating oil, then left hand drill bit and if that did not work with heat use the easy out. If an easy out breaks and they do, the only way I have ever seen them taken out was with torch or hammer and punch busting them into little pieces as they are harden steel.
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If you take the ROPS off and there's some bolt sticking out,weld a nut to it. If you have a welder anyway.
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Andrew, I've had many years success with the following:

Spray the broken bolt with PB penetrating catalyst and let sit for 1 hour, respray.
Blaster, 5 OZ PB Penetrating Catalyst, Penetrates, Lubr

Hit the broken bolt with a flat punch to make the center flat.
Use a center punch and make a generous dimple in the center of the bolt. If you're off a little it's ok....just means the drill can't be so big.

Using a SHARP drill that's about 3/4 the diameter of the broken bolt, drill a hole in the center of the bolt about 1/2 to 1 inch deep. The optimum is to drill completely through the bolt. This releases the outward pressure the bolt has on the threads, i.e. the bolt center is weakened.
I have best success with KD screw extractors that have straight flutes not reverse spirals. For me, the reverse spiral ones just chew up the bolt and act like a drill.
Screw and Bolt Extractors
To use the KD extractors you tap them in hard and back out the bolt using the square head.
If it won't come out easily, use more blaster. It'll work.