Good morning!!!!

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this morning in NS it is 10C,, high 40's. The air is damp, waiting for the showers to start. Most of the leaves are off of the trees.
This morning I noticed that the deer have been visiting my blind, Friday is the open for general deer season I have a anterless tag and hope to fill my freezer again this year.:licking:
So far typical for NS in late Oct.
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(1030, 2011-10-25)
In south central PA, it's in the low 50's and wet from last night's showers.
Sun is out...might dry out a bit before the next rain. Leaves are turning, but still a lot of green outside...
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Good morning to all TBN members. This morning was 39 degrees, and its suppose to reach 73 degrees this evening in Piedmont region of NC. Hope everyone has a great day.:)
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55 degrees here in N. Texas this morning with a heavy dew on the grass and a light breeze. I couldn't ask for more perfect weather. Now, I have to convince myself to get off my butt and go replace the door on my wellhouse before winter sets in.:eek:
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Good Morning guys....and gals....41 deg. this AM and supposed to get to 76 deg...still no rain, pond down 8 inches and spring stopped again...42. miles east of Atlanta, Ga. I still have much to do on the farm and around the house before it gets cold...which will happen all of a sudden as history has shown.:)
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49 degrees here and sunny. Snow flurries and possibly snow sticking on the ground Thursday and Friday. Just a dusting that will melt off.
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Supposed to hit mid 80's here in Mid-Missery, then be in the 50's for the high tomorrow. I wore a short-sleeved shirt to work this morning but will probably have to break out a jacket tomorrow morning. That much of a temperature drop may bring some interesting weather.

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Aloha and Good Morning

67 here, morning rain shower. Will be mid 70's later. Really good since I got caught up on mowing yesterday and wife sprayed 15 gallons roundup. Guess I'll mount those new handicap bars today.

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Light frost here in Southern Oregon, with an overcast sky. It's not warming up fast today. I have had a fire in the wood stove since last night.