Good morning!!!!


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Mar 27, 2020
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Good Afternoon
It’s about 75 outside now with a high just over 90 earlier.
We’ve gotten about a half inch of rain in a string of thunderstorms, the majority of which missed us. The lighting detection on the Tempest works great, and has been very active all day.

First thing this morning we moved an airplane back to NE Philadelphia airport where we keep them hangared. The airport was closed for 11 days, it was supposed to be 14, but they got it open ahead of schedule. They’re rebuilding one of the runways, and got to where they crossed, so they had to shut down the airport. At any rate got that done long before the thunderstorms sprang to life.
Son recruited me to help put an access hole in the floor of his ski boat to tighten the ski pylon. It was a composite floor, so we made a template and cut it out with a router so the prefab cover was a perfect fit. Another job where the setup up took three times as long as the job itself.


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Oct 24, 2002
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Roy, hope you get to feeling better. Hospital no fun and NO rest. Sorry about the needles.

We have a friend who tested positive. Never had the vaccines. Been around hundreds of people and kids. Achy shoulders/neck/arms.
My wife and I have been too busy at the tennis facility. Lots of business and lots of associated issues. People issues are the worst. We pay $15/hr for people to sit at the front desk and sell snacks, beverages and collect court fees. That’s $30,000 per year. Apparently, in today’s environment, that is not enough to motivate anyone. Oh well.

I saw a meme pic of a sign that said: Need Help, Ok for long haired freaky people to apply.

Glad we have Eric to translate for us, the UK versions. Eric, glad the trespassers did not cause damage. Glad it was only air guns. I guess they would have to go to a shooting range to shoot? Or their own land?

We got back from Fort Worth area a few hours ago. Was a really good visit with family. Did not like the white knuckle freeway traffic Thursday pm rush hour.

Watching the motocross races from earlier today on Peacock channel. Millville Spring creek nationals. Some really good racing at a track the pro's really like.

Good to be back home.

Hot and humid. Might be a couch potato the rest of today...

Prayers for our team, and our country.


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Jul 13, 2011
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Here is a couple of pics as promised. Colour didn't come out quite right.
Mus x.jpg
Mus XXX.jpg


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Jun 25, 2005
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Back home from dad’s. Rain and heavy storms on way. None at home, until I got trailer unhooked and just came in, and it poured. 1” in a few minutes.

Was very humid at dad’s this morning. Got the hydraulic fluid and filters changed , way overdue. Was easier than I thought. Bought 2 big plastic totes to drain fluid into. Book says 4 plugs, only found 3. Called the dealer, he said 3. Put in over 11 gal, book says 11.9 gal.
Wrote up instructions for using the riding mower, it’s a little finicky starting, but runs well once started.
Started raining there as I finished.

Saw that a loader bolt was over 1” out of it’s hole. thightened them all, all were loose a little.

When I removed the main hydraulic filter, 2 small orings were inside. No idea what they were from. View attachment 706183
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Apr 18, 2000
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Coffee taste very good this morning. 55° with clear skies this morning. Heading to 84° with lots of sunshine. Got house water filters changed yesterday. Did some sump pump repairs while at doing filter change. Bracket that supports float had rusted off. Made a new one and installed. Neighbors surprise birthday party went very well. Party continues today. Wife's birthday is today. I will be joining them for the celebration. No other plans for today.
Little turkeys are growing.

Prayers and best wishes for everyone.

Good Morning All.


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Feb 27, 2012
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in between now
good morning all
rain finally finished, 1.44 inches total
lot of fire sirens last night and this morning, curious to find out what went on last night.
Another truck just left the substation near me with lights and sirens so local firemen are not sleeping in.

off to church this morning and then dinner tonight at inlaws. My ancient MIL is finally going into a retirement home and this is the family
get together where the out of town sister, my late wife's younger sister, has come to town to get what she can get. She's a taker and not a giver and not
my favorite person. I'm sure there are squabbles as to who gets what, the remaining two siblings do not get along and I sure want no part of their drama.
I made a promise to my wife on her proverbial death bed to look after her mother and I'm still trying to do it. Will be greatly relieved when she gets into a
community with folks to look after her.

Roy, hope you are feeling better this morning.

let's all be thankful for what we have


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Oct 26, 2011
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Beautiful car alien

70 high of 80 today all storms missed us

Doe and new fawns new residents here

prayers for all


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Apr 6, 2004
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70 going to 88. Storms missed us, too.

Alien, love your car and color. When are you going to get the steering wheel fixed? 😁

Ron, we haven't seen any poults around here this year. Nice pic.

Had a good time with MIL visiting over night, and son and DIL coming over for dinner. My wife took MIL to get a blue light treatment on Friday. Her face is really red now.

BEF and Kyle, glad you got home safely.


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Mar 20, 2000
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So what is the purpose of that windmill? Just for looks? I don't see any sucker rod, so I'm sure it isn't pumping water. When I was a kid, our windmill did not have any oil to change or add to in a gearbox. But the wind turning it caused the sucker rod to come unscrewed a couple of times, and it was a real job for a 12 to 14 old kid (me) to climb up there and lift it, screw it back together and hook it up again.