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Eric Salop

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Dec 6, 2014
Shropshire, UK
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It wasn't possible to get our Covid booster's locally, so we had a nice trip out today for our Moderna stabbing at a Scout hut situated in a market town to the South. No doubt the venue had been selected because of the very generously sized car park, however not being local made it a little tricky to find without any road signs pointing the way. The sat nav lady was having a fun time, taking us on detours down 3 dead end roads before finding the right one.

Mostly > 6,000 miles again! (y)
If your trip recorder has a metric option, I would be tempted to go for the same number in km next year. :)

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A delivery from Amazon today my wife said is a hint to my Christmas present machine. ????????

Don, I initially thought your present will be a


then realised your wife said "machine", so it's more likely to be ...


Either way it's an awful lot of ammunition - you must really be looking forward to Christmas this year !


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Jul 13, 2011
Grantham, South East Queensland
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Final pics of the barn for those interested. I just need to do some earthworks and gravel and shift that post which means laying a new irrigation pipe. Then I will lay lawn in front of the sliding door and it should look pretty good. Each bay is 5 meters wide so I can open car doors without banging into anything. Already moved the old fridge and pantry over from the house so we can set up a kitchenette etc.
Now if we could just get an electrician to show up I could remove the extension cord that I have to use to operate the doors at present.
My choice of colours. I wanted something different and modern. Wife wasn't happy but the colour has grown on her. The builder said he really liked it as he was sick of doing green sheds. LOL



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Jul 23, 2003
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Good evening! 72˚F, partly cloudy skies.

Drew, yes I still like my Ranger and not interested in the dealers offer to buy it back for a "very good price" because they are so short on inventory. The extras are really nice and were not offered in 2019 on some of the other mid size trucks - blind spot detection, automatic high beams, trailer mode, adaptive cruise control. lane assist, automatic windshield wiper system, heated seats, etc . . .

Eric, my wife assured me "the machine" will not shoot or project the beans, it will not sprout or grow the beans, it will not cook the beans, or burn the beans for heat. It's an unsolved mystery till Dec 24th. There is a clue in the strange type of bean (adzuki) but I just can't figure it out.

Got the truck's flat tire fixed with no complications. Wngsprd, there was just barely enough thread so a new tire was not required, but a new set of tires will have to be bought before I get it inspected next Fall.

Alien, that garage/shop turned out really nice.

Mostly, yea 6K miles. How many of those miles did you put on the Peugeot.

The crew that worked on Jim's last big project, the outdoor lift to get from his driveway to the living area of his multi level house were Harvey, Mike, Bird and myself. It was an honor to help him in his time of need.

David, a blizzard in Hawaii, true or clickbait?


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Oct 19, 2011
Eastern Shore of Maryland
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34 after a cool breezy day.
I wore shorts to keep the weight of the jeans off my shin wound, but after a shower and bandage change, I put on jeans and we went to a Chinese restaurant with friends.
Surgery went well, it took less time than it did to numb the areas. The leg spot is deeper but not as big around as the arm. I had some pain in my leg for about 18 hours, but I slept well. I spent a lot of the day in my recliner with my feet up.
Both areas were clean and normal appearing and while a bit sore, no real pain. So now just waiting on the lab report.
I did a lot of armchair Christmas shopping and got it all done except one gift certificate. Of course I’m not finished with my wife’s yet, but then I never am.

Have a good evening.


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Sep 17, 2009
in-between tractors
Good evening all. 57F for the start, overcast, light breeze. Light wind day, overcast most of the day, trace of rain early afternoon. High temp was 71F DP 61F. Cleaning lady prep to start day, then leaf pickup. After lunch bike ride shorten by rain (only 10 miles). Did get nap in. This is 5 years now with annual mileage at 6K miles or more.
Covid update: Cooke 4219 confirmed cases, 23 active cases, Montague 2698 confirmed cases, 33 active cases, Grayson, 16,550 confirmed cases, 168 active cases. Cooke 3, Montague 4, Grayson 1, new cases.
Roy hope you can get your snow tires on by then
Buppies Hope you can take advantage of the warmer weather at work.
Ron neat crane pic, hope you get shopping done soon.
Roy cute story, got a chuckle out of it
Bird, did not realize Jinman is at DFW national cemetery
Drew thanks for the encouragement, you realize round is a shape :) Good luck at Costco
Drew the problem is that it becomes easier to be stupid as we are older :(
Billy sorry about not consulting manual first. hope splitter started ok. Thanks for the encouragement
Mike nightmare of a day. hope this will take care of it.
Bill nice story, enjoy your energy conservation.
Thomas sorry about your gutter. hope your foot is improving
Paul safe trip to Vero Beach. How long is the crafts show?
Drew glad HD agrees with you, sorry so much effort already invested will be lost
Bird great story
RNG thanks for the encouragement, never tried to pedal from that position. Goal is 400 for December ;) Sorry to hear about Starlink, your install kit is sitting offshore :(
Ken it will get easier as you get a system going. Thanks for the encouragement
Rich thanks for the encouragement. Wonder if the adrenaline from the anger jump started your kidneys? really sorry about what you and your wife went through.
PJ hope you can enjoy some extra wife time for the month. Thanks for the encouragement
David good to hear progress on greenhouse, nice to hear Sophie likes her chainsaw, and hope guys did well at H&F
Dennis that is crazy, needing new doc already. Thanks for the encouragement (I think) ;)
David thanks for the encouragement
Eric need a better map in the nav unit :) If I go metric, goal would be 9600 :), Thanks for the encouragement.
Doug Cool barn, thanks for the pic.
Don I would have gone crazy wait for Dec 24. Total miles on Peugeot is 1840. I don't get annual mileage breakdown by bike,
David nice pics of greenhouse and tractor.
Randy glad surgery went well, and recovery is progressing.
prayer for all, especially Jay/Peg, Kyle's daughter/friend PT from Covid, Bird/aging issues/, Don/whipper, more tests/ Grey 2, health /ring bearer/back broken & infections, Don/ neighbors with Covid, Randy/FIL living alone adjustments /MIL covid, /cancer surgeries, PJ/FIL death, Dennis /wife wrist surgery and recovery, Roy/ palpitations/ angina, wife/ankle recovery, Billy/ wife fall, David(moss)/remodel/divorce, Buppies/new cancer on face /lingering cough, Thomas/gout, Phil/reflux/wife's eyes, Steppenwolfe/son-auto immune disorder, Grev/wife's eye, Ted/knee recovery/retirement, Doug and wife/health issues/nerve and pain/ wife's eyes, Ken/aunt fall injuries, David(sadamo)/Sophie's new eye surgery, Ron/neighbor Covid issues, Chris/neighbor's granddaughter and Covid issues, RS wife/ dog bite recovery, Scaredy/injuries from fall, Paul/ wife's disc issues, Mike/elbow pain, and Country.
stay safe and healthy you all.
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