Good morning!!!!

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Jul 21, 2012
Salmon Arm BC, Canada
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Do they have a form or website that list all your carbon production or how did you find out there was no difference?
I had to fill out a form of several pages, detailing the trip / check boxes ... indicating where I stayed (hotel, residence, travel, meals etc) on that trip it was 3 days with relatives (no extra efforts) and 2 days in hotel (with all the extras ... meals, restaurant staff, housekeeping, hotel staff ie the room cleaning, front counter, laundry, vacuum, etc) ... ODDLY each of the 5 travel status days had the same weighting on carbon impact on the report completion ... Since my supervisor required the form (and they had also been at a conference around the same time staying in a hotel) I questioned 1) why there as no difference at all in the daily per diem carbon impact ? and, if so 2) what was the point of the report ? 3) the report itself had a carbon impact ... (time, ink, paper). They had no answer, other than ... it has to be filled out accurately. My conclusion was that it was a bogus effort, under provincial government direction, and that money or fines (if not following policy) were reason enough. It was weird. Forget the fact that I drove to the conference, VS flights and rental cars ... I don't think THAT distinction even made a difference. This was about 8 yrs ago.

Things that make you go hmmm ???

I now work from home, self employed :)
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Jul 21, 2012
Salmon Arm BC, Canada
John Deere 160 (1988), Arctic Cat 400 ATV (2006), Kubota BX23S (2018), Jacobsen Super Chief 1450 (1969), Cub Cadet RZT S50 zero turn mower (2012) pending
I got a letter from Homeland Security.
I'm tempted to send something obnoxious to the email address listed but best I simply ignore.
this is pretty low quality but good enough for your 95 year old Mother who panics when she reads it.
Friend's mom got sucked into this. She went to bank and asked for gift cards. Bank said you are being scammed and refused
to issue cards. But they were so nice....

anyone with elderly parents really needs to warn them about this. Again.
btw, I would NOT click on that email address unless you are in some kind of protected mode.
As the Amish say, when you lay with dogs you get fleas

Hello Dear Beneficiary

Greetings From New The Department of Homeland Security This is Mrs.
Elizabeth Janet I'm here to inform you that your ATM Card of $5.5
million USD has been approved and was deposited with delivery company
this morning for registration, and we agreed up that the delivery of
Your $5.5 Million USD ATM Package will take off tomorrow morning .So
contact me with your full info where your ATM card will be delivered
to you, Remember that you will pay delivery fee.

We hereby officially notifying you about the present arrangement to
pay you, your over due Winning Prize / inheritance fund which you
could not complete the process of the released of your transfer pin
code through the Digitized Payment System. And you have spent a lot of
money and a lot time sending money to different people just to make
sure you receive your fund and after set and done your received

We have decided to pay your funds through (ATM VISA Card) This
arrangement was initiated / constituted by the World Bank, United
Nation and Bank of America, due to fraudulent activities going on
within the world, The World Bank, United Nations and Bank of America
introduced this payment arrangement as to enable our Contract, Winning
Prize, inheritance beneficiary to receive their fund without any

1; FedEx = 12hrs($ 250, iTunes card or buy an Steam card $ 250)
2; DHL = 24hrs($ 160, iTunes card or buy an Steam card $ 160)
3; UPS = 72hrs($ 100, iTunes card or buy an Steam card $ 100)

Full name---------
Mobile Number:--------------
Your email-------
Your delivery address: Occupation:----------------------
Nearest Airport __

To enable the delivery proceed immediately today, Note that you will
be liable to pay the delivery fee of the ATM VISA Card with any of the
above courier company of your choice before the delivery will take
place to your destination address, Kindly provide them with the below
details in your response to this email address:
[email protected] let them know which courier company you would
want them to use for the shipment of your ATM VISA Card to you. kindly
reconfirm your delivery address to avoid delivery your package to the
wrong person.

Urgent get back to me with your full address where your ATM card will
be delivered to because i will not be in the office next week:

Best Regards,
Mrs. Elizabeth Janet

I could have a lot of fun with this :)

Dear Elizabeth ...
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Rich B1

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Jan 28, 2017
Stone Creek, OH
Good morning! 71 now, may go to 85 today. We did get some rain Friday into Saturday. The ground was wet yesterday morning but dried out.

Got our first cukes and a zucchini from the garden this week. Yellow squash may be ready this coming week. Have a few peppers and a number of tomatoes developing nicely.

Nice job on the Impala Kyle.

Been a busy week. We went to a retirement party for one of the wife’s co-workers in Columbus on Wednesday. We both couldn’t wait to get out of the city Thursday morning. We wanted away from the traffic and smell of the city.

Made good progress on the latest garden tractor. All 4 tires hold air, the ground drive belt and idlers are fresh, oil changed, etc. With the 6 speed trans and no deck, it does pop a decent wheelie! :D Now to get the deck under it so we have a spare tractor. It runs very good.

RIP to BEF’s cat.

Get well buppies.

Still cleaning up from the storm. This is gonna take a while. Have 2 widowmakers hanging at the edge of the woods in the one field. There are 3 trees down in the field right underneath them. May cut/clear where it is safe and let nature do the rest.

Everyone stay safe out there
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Jul 4, 2015
Greenwich, NY
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Morning to all;
About time to make my breakfast. Went out earlier this morning while it was still cool to move and stack a bit of wood.
Picked up 2500 feet of T&G pine the other day for my ceilings in the kitchen and living room remodel.
Moved about half into a rented connex box this morning then came in for breakfast, and saw this on one of my cameras
thought people might enjoy this fawn and doe.
This is down on my lawn.
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Oct 24, 2002
East Central, Texas
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Impala sitrep: Twisted and contorted myself to put the blower motor fan control resistor in. It is tucked underneath where the passenger's feet are, against the firewall. The car's A/C has 5 speeds, but #4 won't work. I was hoping this would fix it, but no worky...Next is to take off the dash, and the HVAC controller, and work on the actual switch itself. I saw a video where they have contacts that get worn and quit working.

It was so hot and sweaty last night working on the car. It was still 93F at 9:30pm. My old oscillating fan's motor has finally quit working. I trashed it. Need to get me a new fan.
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May 1, 2017
Edgewood, NM
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Good morning to all! Low of 60°, heading up to 82°, good chance of a T-storm. Overcast / cloudy right now.

LFN, have a safe trip back to work. Keep a good watch for suicidal critters!

Drew, ----- Think you call should get money for by 24 hours, pay by cards for gift....
It's sad that these emails can't be blocked or at least traced back to the scammers. What's worse is that there are people so desperate that they will fall for it.

BEF, are you going to tell your dad where the tractor came from? He won't try to drive it there will he? Was that a new Cub Cadet you were delivering?

Kyle, good luck fixing the A/C switch. Hopefully just needs a good cleaning. Wow, 93° at 9:30 at night.... too warm for sure!

Lou, thanks for sharing the video. The fawn is still excited to see and explore!

Scaredy, that is govt. efficiency at its finest! I bet you're glad to be away from all that bureaucracy!

RNG, please post some pics of the down pressure set up! I would like to concoct a setup to work on my PHD. Is it a generic kit or one from Kubota? Hopefully, the rock will give up the fight and you'll get done with the trench / hole.

Going to make the mulch run this morning. I'm hoping there will be less people there this morning. Need to get a few bags of potting soil and soil amendment.
Also going to look at the pressure washers while I'm there. Probably going to get the cheap $79 Portland one from HF, but still want to compare. Just need one for basic cleaning.... don't need it to take paint off.....

A run to TSC might also happen.... need to stock up on bird seed and get another feeder....I broke the glass on one of the two we had.

Everyone have a great day!
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May 12, 2004
Northeast Ohio
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79F and sunny @ 10:45, heading up to a high of around 86F. HI currently 78F, soil temp 75F. High hit 85.3F here yesterday.

Ten Day now calling for the possibility of thunderstorms each day starting Tuesday and running through Saturday.

Fireworks have started, Squeak not sure what to make of all these noises.

Went up yesterday first thing and got about 1/2 dump cart load of screened compost and came back down and screened it to make potting soil, added some vermiculite.

Got 9 Shasta Daisies and 4 Blue Barlow Double Columbine planted in pots, opened the outer package for the last 2 BBDC and the packages inside said "Mixed Peonies" ... o_O

Also got 10 Jersey Giant Asparagus planted in pots as well, 10 more still to go.

Mixed up a spray bottle of cayenne pepper juice.

Had new day lily bloom yesterday:

IMG_1817 copy.jpg

Think it might be "Bonanza" but will need to check the planting chart to verify.

Got all summer squash at the back of the frog pond and in flower bed watered, along with the day lilies and peonies.

Finally got around to getting the cage put around the volunteer tomato plant in the garden area.

Noticed that the Yellow Crookneck and Zucchini plants in the garden area have really greened up and are thriving, they must have exhausted the nutrients in the pots they were in.

Moved the 2 largest tomato and 3 largest peppers around back.

Rocky had a bad day ... very, very bad ...

IMG_1818 copy.jpg

They're actually starting to kinda really piss me off, with the destruction and mess I suspect they are making. Probably going to be some evenings sitting outside with the 12 gauge at nightfall in my immediate future ... :devilish:

Agenda for today:

Get some Cat Grass seeds planted.

Refill hopper feeder and one suet feeder.

Get Japanese beetle trap hung out in front yard.

Take Water Buffalo up and water new plantings in front of shop.

Retrieve another long garden hose from barn.

Collect up squash and pumpkin plants for delivery to relative.

Spray Coral Bells with cayenne juice in east planting bed and at corner of second circle (deer seem to have developed a taste for them and are nibbling on them)

Get more some hostas planted in the two locations above (shade activity for the heat of the day)

Mix up another couple gallons of glyphosate and spray various areas.

Spread some mulch along edge of flower bed to reduce erosion and suppress weeds.

Plus whatever else comes up.

Hope everyone has an enjoyable, productive, and safe Sunday ... (y)
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Jan 1, 2011
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RNG, please post some pics of the down pressure set up! I would like to concoct a setup to work on my PHD. Is it a generic kit or one from Kubota? Hopefully, the rock will give up the fight and you'll get done with the trench / hole.
Here's a YouTube video showing the home made version I'm working on. I'll take a few snaps along the way and share them, maybe in a new thread...

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May 20, 2004
Big Island, HI
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69°F and .54 inches rain.

Nothing too special on agenda this morning. This afternoon 3 friends coming over. Put those NY strips on the Primo grill along with some roasted potatoes and corn on cob. Simple but hopefully tasty dinner.

Sophie says she heard some of my piano practice and I’m sounding better. I’ll take the encouragement. Those of you playing Carnegie Hall have no reason to panic yet.

Prayers for all
Be safe
Have a great day
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Jul 23, 2003
Central Texas
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Kyle-"It was so hot and sweaty last night working on the car. It was still 93F at 9:30pm. My old oscillating fan's motor has finally quit working. I trashed it. Need to get me a new fan."

I just backed the truck out of the garage to take Whipper on her walk at 6:41PM yesterday and it was 102˚. Currently 95˚ heading for 100 to 103˚ every day for the next 10 days in the 10 day forecast.

Buppies do you see anything that will give us a break from the heat.

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