Good morning!!!!

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Jun 25, 2005
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Dennis, costly repair, but not over the top when compared to other prices I have heard of getting quoted by others.

Do you think you could tackle it yourself? Might be able to get a pump for a couple hundred $$$

If I was retired and had the time I could do it, but it’s in Ohio, and I don’t have the time to take off.
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Jul 13, 2011
Grantham, South East Queensland
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Good (Friday) morning. Overnight Low of 2.4C, calm and fairly clear sky. It's presently 14.1C.

Well, the 'horse mad' woman (from a few weeks ago) has gone ahead and bought a horse; it's arriving tomorrow. 😄 She popped over for a visit yesterday arvo for a cup of tea and a chat. There's a LOT that she'll need to learn when it comes to owning & caring for a horse... but she'll get there eventually. I've offered to set up a water trough on my neighbour's front paddock (she wasn't aware of just how much a horse drinks) and she was chuffed that she had 10 squares of hay to feed (I said that that might last a fortnight =o_O). Steep learning curve ahead for her.

That's about it, take care all.
Been through the horses 'thing' LOL Hook the trailer up every 2 -3 weeks and go pick up haybales. Luckily it was my wifes thing and not mine. I didn't envy her going out to feed every night rain hail or shine and worse if we got home late. She commented the other day that she doesn't know how she managed to do it for so long. Her love of horses stemmed from her father who was a well known horse trainer. All up we owned about 5 horses but max of 2 at a time. I think I miss a couple of them more than she does. They were very affectionate animals. One of them liked it when we lit a fire and would try and catch/eat the smoke. Very funny to watch the expressions.
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May 12, 2004
Northeast Ohio
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69F and clear @ 21:30, heading down to a low of 56 overnight. High temp hit 83.5F here today, had some breeze so it was fairly pleasant.

Cut and made up a 2' tall chickenwire cage first thing, ran that around back to the garden area where The Woman was taking a break in the shade from weeding.

Then ran up and got a dump cart load of screened compost and got that placed along the edge of the flower bed, then gathered up the weeds and hauled those up to the compost:

IMG_1864 copy.jpg

(That black mulch I did yesterday)

Woman had been hard at it (out in the sun) so I managed to get Her redirected over to a project in the shade.

This is that area underneath the maple up by northeast corner where I mentioned we had planted some plain green hosta before we started on it today:

IMG_1865 copy.jpg

The evergreen shrub is just about dead, don't think it gets enough light and probably not enough water for that matter. Might try and move it later if it can hang on.

After some weeding and clean up:

IMG_1867 copy.jpg

Several trips to the compost pile with one stop at the burn pile.

Didn't get anything planted in there today but it's ready to go for tomorrow. Will need some more screened compost though.

Spotted a volunteer redbud tree, which I left:

IMG_1866 copy.jpg

Need to get a cage around it, probably go ahead and let it grow right there. Could end up being attractive.

Grabbed the partially empty Water Buffalo and hauled it over and watered the 4 Black Scallop Ajuga and watered and fed 2 rhododendrons and 4 azaleas which emptied the WB.

Woman headed over and started some more weeding on second circle where the grape hyacinth are planted.

I went out and took the 2' tall cage off the west peach tree and then took a break for dinner, Woman had fixed some spaghetti, was good, couldn't eat it all and saved for midnight snack (or lunch tomorrow)

After dinner I headed back and got 2 more bell pepper plants planted, watered in and fertilized and caged. Think that makes 5 total.

Picked another zucchini which was ready, gave it to neighbor lady who was down visiting while out walking her dogs. She likes them and so do her dogs (one little terrier and a couple of chihuahuas, all rescues)

New day lily bloom - "Catherine Woodbury" I believe:

IMG_1868 copy.jpg

Time for a bowl of ice cream maybe and then to bed for some of that "open window" sleeping weather.

Hope everyone had a great day ... (y)
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May 20, 2004
Big Island, HI
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Man lift cage functional. Have a couple improvements maybe for the future, but want to just get some use as is.


Got my pressure washer secured and started cleaning my PV


So dirty, hard to believe they were producing at all



Had to quit when I blew the turbo nozzle. Couldn’t have been much more than 10 years old.
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Sep 17, 2009
in-between tractors
Good evening all. 76ºF for the start, light breeze, partly cloudy sky. Light to moderate wind, sky clouded up then cleared up, rained south of Dallas, and west of here. High temp was 98ºF, HI 107ºF. Bike ride to start day, then shower and head for Sherman and bike shop. Hit Book store (Brad Thor book) and Bike shop after lunch at Panera Bread. Got home to wat Tour de France finish then nap.
Randy(wag) Sorry about the uncoordinated pick up and drop offs, and no shows.
Bird Cooke county started Monday, and we were one of the later ones to start the ban.
Buppies hope all is well in your household.
Billy Don't think any Texans want to be closer to Sun this summer ;)
Drew hard for you to get away with anything, next you know you will be on short leash like Thomas. 5 hours long time to be in sun.
NHBX sorry about the lack of customer service. Hope you can give ground hog attitude adjustment. Hope Mrs enjoyed lunch.
Dennis glad you got A/C back.
Drew I really enjoyed going to Radio Shack, many of the stores had personal like yours did. :)
Don hope card club seriously considers your suggestion. Hope Costco visit goes well.
Ken neat pics the train was booking :)
Roy sorry about the lack of sleep. Hope Margeaux does not get too stress about no mommy.
PJ great to hear lss bad activity near work. Hope it lasts for a while. Good to hear mowing progressing, hope front goes well.
Ted they get too much water, we don't get enough :( Hope dr visit went well and you got answers.
RNG sorry about the autopay issue. Sorry about the shoe soles not thick enough. Hope trip is fun.
Drew fortunately no neurologist here :)
RS need to zap hog again. Banana tree getting nice upgrade. Plenty on agenda. Nice rain and pics
Drew glad trailer put away. Nice adjustment to plan "A".
David sorry about rain, and hurricane close enough to rain on you more.
Dennis not cheep repair. Ouch.
Thomas glad god day at work. Glad gas going down for you.
Ted sorry visit with Dr not better than it was.
Randy(wag) hope she learns fast!
Doug my step daughter raised quarter horses when she lived on the farm, later had to move to town, had them for about 15 years.
David nice work on man lift cage. Nice to see it in action. Sorry about nozzle giving up
prayer for all, especially Jay/Peg, Kyle's daughter/friend PT from Covid, /learning new job, Bird/aging issues/, Don /mom's pipeline process, /fire nearby, Randy/FIL living alone adjustments /MIL Covid /son's heart issues, /pneumonia and not posting, Roy /palpitations, /angina , Billy /wife fall, David(moss) /remodel, /divorce, Buppies /3 new skin cancer spots and treatment, /wife knee healing, Thomas/gout, Phil /reflux, /wife's eyes, Steppenwolfe/son-auto immune disorder, Grev/wife's eye, Ted /knee recovery/retirement, / passing out issues, /family issues, /wife feeling bad, Doug and wife/health issues, /nerve and pain, / wife's hospital stay, /torn bicep, Ken /kids shot tragedy, David(sadamo)/Sophie's new eye surgery recovery, /cataract surgery, /Sophie's hand infection, Chris/neighbor's granddaughter and Covid issues, Scaredy/shoulder dislocation, /wife not feeling well, /marriage, Paul/ wife's disc issues, Gale and KY/ tornado victims, Mike /5 year plan, Dennis /retirement plans / brother "alligallyitus" and improving, Drew /foot heel issues, /friend cancer diagnosis and recovery, Helogabals /second opinion, /wife's friend situation, Ukraine war, mass shooting victims and family, and Country.
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Jul 21, 2012
Salmon Arm BC, Canada
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I feel like i got a whole lotta nothing done today ... not true, just feels that way.
- washed several dozen eggs, and sold them ... need to wash more
- paid a lot of bills this morning (online), before heading into town
- insurance renewal for the car (wife has it out of town)
- counselling appt
- coffee with friend, birthday
- checked on my zero-turn, almost done with the fabrications
- tires / rims should be on my truck early next weekice cream
- continuing my research for the right Leatherman multi-tool
- critters all happy - dog, chickens, rabbits
- now time for some food, and a show
- i keep forgetting to fill a jerry can with gas, for equipment use around the yard
- need to mail out some packages to various people
Seems so quiet here - Sister In Law left for a few days, to attend a wedding

Tomorrow is another day ... Salv Army scraps run and assistance re some new shelving that they have, some errands / shopping, then an ice cream cruise night with the cars gang

Saturday i have plans to meet up with a friend from Highschool. He lives about 7 hrs away, but is camping nearby. Haven't connected in person since Grad in '82. Should be a fun lunch.
Perhaps an ATV, Side-By-Side adventure with other friends later that evening.

One of these days I will get around to that dump run (local dump is only open Friday - Tuesday, from 10-4), it takes some coordinating their hours, and my truck's use at any given point.

That's about it. Prayers & Safety everyone :)
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Sep 26, 2008
Dorset (cottage country) and Toronto, Ontario, Can
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Woke up to find the county repaving the road in front of our place. Whole bunch of cars everywhere. They don’t use hot mix asphalt because the nearest plant is too far away.

But the wife is coming up tomorrow with her new 4Rrunner. And I am very worried about that tarry crap getting all over her new paint job. 😫


By this afternoon, both sides were brown. I hope they put some more stuff on it, because there is a lot of tar there.


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Jul 21, 2012
Salmon Arm BC, Canada
John Deere 160 (1988), Arctic Cat 400 ATV (2006), Kubota BX23S (2018), Jacobsen Super Chief 1450 (1969), Cub Cadet RZT S50 zero turn mower (2012) pending
lutongdaisy is filling TBN with numerous SPAM posts - x13... injectors etc. joined yesterday.
OTHER than REPORTING it, there must be a way to filter that stuff out - kind of annoying
I know the Moderators are a busy group