Good morning!!!!

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72° now, dew point 71° humidity 99% a bit soggy out! We did get .55” of rain yesterday 👍. Today sunny low 90’s and humid.

Not sure what today’s plans are yet.

Enjoy your day everyone
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Morning NHBX.

Couldn’t get back to sleep. I’ll pay for this when the alarm goes off.
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Sorry to read of passing of your partner/friend, Ted.
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2022-07-19, 0557

65° right now...pretty wet outside...must have rained most the night. High in the upper 80's today and, I reckon, the rain has passed.

Try to make a dump run today, if time permits (working remotely and I have at least 2 or 3 webinars this morning)
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66 high of 89 later today one half inch of rain yesterday heat wave coming highs by end of week 97

Prayers for all
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good morning all
well it's our turn, hot hot hot
92 at least today in full sun

I have an eley water reel to build this morning, not much else planned.
I should be going to church and powerwashing/paint prepping a long wooden railing outside, maybe it will be cool enough in the shade.
Tomorrow, not feeling all that motivated right now.

Ted, that hurts, sorry. Folks take for granted our emergency workers, many volunteers. Never know when you roll if you are putting your life on the line.
Interesting I saw this article this morning, shows the same willingness to go in the face of danger to save others.
going to be a lot of tears at those funerals.

and of course the most important thing I do first thing this morning is to bolt on that trailer ball and finish that job.
That will put a big smile on my face.

in my faith we have a moment of silence for lives passed. Prayers for both Matt and Ted and other members of EMS community.
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Irv started this thread in October of 2011. Seems longer...
Only one longer I keep up with is the HF tools that don't suck thread. That goes back 14 years.

time to get moving. Isn't going to get any cooler out there...
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Interesting Drew you and I became members in 2011 and 2012
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somewhere in my pics there is one taken of me sitting in hospital chair sleeping while spending the day with Nadene.
She was sick, again, not sure she was getting out, and I desperately needed to focus on something fun. Something to show me the world
was on a level axis. So I started with TBN on a laptop to my best memory in the hospital.

I was pretty emotional back then. No wonder. Now not too much gets me upset. My third wife, the one who was a nurse and was going to be with me
forever, well she died. Same thing happened to Toppop. And others. I think Ron too.
But this group is going strong.
The list of those missed is long.
Roy, you are over 20 years. remarkable

Buppies, glad to take the ride with you. (y)
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73 and moist. Rained last 3 evenings in a row. That's good. The thermometer is seeking 89 today.

LS, very sad that Matt was killed. Prayers for his family and the others, and you.