Good morning!!!!

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Mar 27, 2020
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Good Morning
It’s 70 outside this morning, with a forecast high in the middle 80’s and not much probability of rain.

The new heat pump is working great, hopefully I’ll see a drop in the electric bill.
Yesterday was mostly inside, continuing to clean up and put things back where they belong after tearing things apart for the heat pump install.
I emptied the 55 gallon drum that is part of the dust collector, amidst the sawdust was three soda cans, a few nitrile gloves and at least six shop rags. Still scratching my head about how that stuff got sucked up.
I cut some sand blast mask for the rock man, and spent some time troubleshooting the remote monitor for the propane tank.

It was this day 48 years ago that this picture was taken, we might look a little different today, but we feel the same.

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May 8, 2019
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Morning all, 88 and sunny, downright chilly compared to yesterday.
Might get something done outside, who knows.

Rip- I thought my $300/month electric last month was high, at $1000 seems you need an alternate fuel source.

Watching the rain last night and the weather underground showed no rain, then after the rain hit, it showed rain. I guess hindsight works for forecasts now :cool:

PopG - happy anniversary - and many more happy ones. Good to see the beard has so much history :)

Stay safe and be well
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Feb 27, 2012
New Hope PA
in between now
good morning all
looks like a nice day weatherwise, which is good as I'm headed to nursing home to err no I'm not, 94yo MIL called said she wasn't feeling
too well and we pushed back our lunch til next week. That sure changes the day...

I want to know if Popgadget's wife has ever seen him with a shaved face.

my driver's license has me bald as a cue ball; right after chemo and now all my hair has grown back, and less white than before, which I have found interesting.
All my friends now have full white hair, and now mine still has some brown in it.
But I look at the driver's license and it really shows a different me.
So Paul without a beard would be like PJ without long hair.

one of my childhood close friends is finishing chemo, has no hair, wears a do rag of sorts, and I'm sure will be very glad when his hair grows back later this year.
I hope he doesn't have lingering effects. My feet are still weirdly neuropathic almost three years later. Always very hot. But they aren't. Like a bad sensor.
I keep waiting for it to go away.

guess I'm mowing the lawn today then. Not too hot out now, sounds like a plan.
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Oct 24, 2002
East Central, Texas
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After my original Maytag washer died, we went through a string of short lived ones. I finally asked a friend that runs an appliance repair business what I should get. He reply was quick. “If everyone had a Speed Queen washer, I’d have to rely on refrigerator repair.”

I followed his advice, and he was right.
Congratulations on your long marriage!
I wish speedqueen made refrigerators.

Here's an oldie from 1954.
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Apr 6, 2000
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67F cloudy mid 70's for high...least 21 degrees colder than yesterday at this time. :)

4 hours at work 2 critter food stops done,afternoon take trimmer for much needed L O N G walk.

Enjoy your day all.
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Jul 21, 2012
Salmon Arm BC, Canada
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Good Morning

I'm hopelessly behind in this thread ... like 12 pages.

I hope that all are well, prayers continue as needs noted.

Did another dump run on Monday (twice the load of the week before) ... $5.00 min, that's more like it

Trying to catch up, bear with me :)

Back in the high temps here
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Jan 1, 2011
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Good Morning!!!! 69F @ 8:20AM. Abundant sunshine. High 93F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph.
Been a long time since the low temp made it back down into the 60s here. And yesterday's high was only in the low 90s. Felt nice outside for a change.

I'm joining scaredychicken in being hopelessly behind in this thread. You folks have been very busy in the past six days! Not sure I'll ever catch up...

We hiked and beach combed most days around San Simeon, but did work in a wine tasting and some treasure hunting at a place that called itself a trading post. My friend found a birdbath for only twenty dollars, and for half that I left with a thirty pack of Coors. The wine was pretty awful, except for a nice port, and two bottles of that came away with us. Beach combing got us some moon stones and beach glass, and a little wind and sun burn. One hike was above the elephant seal rookeries, where we watched the young males spar while the rest hardly moved in the sun. Not a bad life. We also found a glass blower's shop that was chock full of everything imaginable made from glass. Sorry to not see him at work, though.


No excitement on the way home yesterday, but I opened both petcocks on the fuel tank and that seems to have confirmed the fuel starvation issue. I was very happy to have the fairing as the winds were strong and crossing, with lots of truck turbulance thrown in for good measure.


In the mail waiting for me was a renewal notice for the Volkswagon license registration, forwarded to me from my friend in Lake Tahoe. The address change had gone into effect, and no SMOG testing was required. Fingers crossed that this new arrangement lasts a good long time.

Also got an email from Ubiquiti tech support letting me know they have no service centers and that the broken Dream Machine router is an expensive door stop. I can no longer recommend Ubiquiti equipment for that reason.

Hang in there, gang, Friday's comin'!

Sheesh, this Hump Day feels like Monday. Back to filling conduit with Ethernet cable.