Good morning!!!!

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Sep 26, 2008
Dorset (cottage country) and Toronto, Ontario, Can
2009 Kubota BX25
cold peas on cheek, a very unhappy camper at moment, 5 stitches
could not preserve alien piece, had to basically grind it out. Vibrated my head like mad.
waiting for pain pill to kick in and maybe take a nap
better days ahead
Gheez, Drew, that’s awful! Good luck with the recovery!
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Sep 17, 2009
in-between tractors
Good Evening all. 40ºF for the start, partly cloudy skies, light breeze. Light wind, clouds increased to overcast, high temp was 58ºF. Putter to start morning, mowed front and north side yard for leaf control, after lunch bike ride, much less wind resistance than yesterday. Set new personal record for bike mileage, over 6500 miles at this point, will post final tally after tomorrows ride. No nap today so need to turn in early for tomorrow's ride.
Randy(wag) Good to hear you are eating well. Nice to hear more season appropriate weather.
Dennis 3 tractors and none of them run?
Ron good to hear you beat the price increase. Glad new switch on lathe. Hope door lock went well and is in system. nice pic of cardinals
Spike no rain in northern North Texas.
Drew glad your weather is looking up. Good luck with tax prep. I would miss the company than miss the getting yelled at. After 45+ years not much yelling going on :). Hope dental visit went well.
Buppies the week + messed with fish big time. I have gotten some hints to try. Hope work went well today, sounds like tomorrow not promising.
Mike good to hear wife doing better. Hope she did ok while you were gone.
Ron good to hear no yelling, but I understand about the better half smarter as well.
Billy hope you got hike and wood splitting in. Just need to spend more time getting lures wet to learn the lake.
Paul most projects have some mission creep, glad you caught those issue before they bit you. I am impressed with Zoe, most of the dogs that have been in the family don't like thunder or gunshots. Hope Costco run was good.
Bill warm today :). Hope chain repair was successful.
Kilroy sounds like great day yesterday. Hope you got to drop some trees.
Thomas hope you got some clean up done.
Jim glad tree came down and was not in the protection zone. Sorry you are losing wife so soon after getting her back.
Frits don't have any battery minders. Hope no damage shows up in today's inspection.
Don have fun with seat time.
Gstrom Glad Kubota running. Can you get heater in coolant hose?
Ken good to hear marker done, more firewood to house and jeep maintenance. Understand about not letting tree hit you on way done.
Dennis congratulations!!
David glad you were able stop oil leak. Hope neighbor hood gathering went well. Sorry about unable to online order from Loews.
Frits sorry about tree shelters. Nice to sweat in winter :)
Ted hope you get more moisture. Yes was nice to be on the lake, confirmed fish finder having issues, and got in back in drive without anything else breaking :) Sorry about knee issue.
RNG nice pic, hope your weekend going well.
Scaredy glad you got trip to town. Have fun plowing. Hope situation is progressing. prayers sent.
Drew sorry dental surgery was bad. prayers sent.
RS hope snow gone is a good thing. Nice temps. Good o hear wife getting better about water usage. Sorry about toaster episode. Hope rest of Friday was as good.
Rich my condolences on the loss of two friends to cancer. nice weather so much warmer.
Ted glad pellet trip successful. Glad cheesesteaks turned out good.
prayer for all, especially Jay/Peg, Kyle /Daughter, /mom's breathing, /learning new job, /friends upcoming new baby, /son's migraines, Bird /aging issues, Ron /broken arm and heart, Billy /mom hypertension & congestive heart failure, David(moss) /remodel, /divorce, Buppies /new skin cancer spot and treatment, /elbow healing, /wife knee healing, Thomas /gout, Phil /reflux, /wife's fall and recovery, Frits/ daughters hip replacement /veteran son with mental issues, Ken /dad possible dementia, /uncle's surgery, Steppenwolfe /son-auto immune disorder, Grev /wife's eye, Ted /knee recovery, /retirement & disability red tape, /family issues, /wife feeling bad, Lou /eye issues, Doug and wife/health issues, / hand nerve and surgery, /fall and recovery, / wife headaches and heart eval, / David(sadamo)/Sophie's new eye surgery recovery, Chris /neighbor's granddaughter and Covid issues, Scaredy/shoulder dislocation, /marriage not doing well, / friend stop drinking, Paul/ wife's healing from back surgery, Dennis /retirement, /coughing, /neighbor issues, /land development, / brother "alligallyitus" and back in hospital, Drew /foot heel issues, /friend's wife cancer diagnosis and recovery, mike /wife's surgery, Scotty, /back pain, Frits /daughter recovery from surgery, Helogabals /second opinion, /wife's friend situation, Mark /wife colon surgery, Fatjay /father broken hip, Ukraine war, and Country.
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Jul 23, 2003
Central Texas
JD 3032E
Photo opps at the "Farm" today.
1. Goat past due for triplets.
2. pretty rooster posing.
3. New food court being built. The trailers on the right will be placed on top of the piers under construction on the left. This will get them out of the flood plane. The fore-ground is the pedal cart race track. The orange thing is the unemployment office BEF
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Feb 27, 2012
New Hope PA
in between now
good morning all
warm morning, headed up to 55 with rain all afternoon.
Happy Birthday Wagtail!

mouth is much improved this morning, just need to be careful how I eat.

lazy day I hope, going nowhere, will put xmas tree away this afternoon while it's raining out.
And then soak in hot tub and wish this year goodbye.

Don, why the high skinny rice tires on that Kubota?
what is it normally used for?
would think the ride would be pretty stiff, like thin wall high performance tires]]

RIP Barbara Walters. Always thought she was a class act.
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Mar 20, 2000
Corinth, Texas
50° this morning at 3 a.m. but going for a high of a sunny 70° today. And today is Margaret's 79th birthday. Our kids and grandkids are all supposed to be here this evening for a pizza/new year's/graduation/birthday party.LOL Granddaughter just finished high school. Things are different in this day and age. We used to all graduate or end school year at the same time at the beginning of summer. Now it seems the kids finish at different times.

Yep, everything's different now-a-days. Way back in ancient times before I retired from law enforcement we used to have a neighborhood New Year and Birthday party with 5 neighbors at our house every year. We had some wonderful and fun filled (and sometimes hilarious) times. I'll never forget the night it was so cold and icy that the sidewalks were iced over and a little after midnight when everyone was leaving to go home, the lady who lived 2 doors south of us said she wasn't taking any chances of falling on the ice, so she just got down on her hands and knees and went across the yard next door to her house (second house south of us). And no, she had not been drinking.

Incidentally . . . that lady is the last of our old neighbors still living in that same house. She celebrated her 94th birthday last week.
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Apr 18, 2000
SW Oakland County Michigan
Kubota 2910 HST
Coffee is done brewing. 40° with rain this morning. Heading to 43° with rain ending by noon. .61" of rain so far. All the snow has melted and ice is almost gone garden pond. Had success with door lock yesterday. Installed and working with security system. Didn't do much after that. Going to get snow blower for JD down off rack today. Will get it installed sometime next week. Rest of the day will be conserve energy. Will have a Crab Leg dinner this evening. But will not see the New Year until I wake up tomorrow morning.

Everyone Have a Great New Years Eve!

Good Morning All.
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Jun 25, 2005
Kubota L3940 L5030 MF205-4
Congratulations wagtail on 47 working. And happy birthday.

Thanks for all the well wishes, I went 39 yrs 4 months, plus 4 yrs of working thru college. Not to mention the odd jobs before that.
Now it depends on the economy and my drawdown rate, and health.

Up early again