Good morning!!!!

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May 8, 2019
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In reading about different Mini-split installs, the only thing I have seen on the outside units is if the prevailing wind blows into the discharge side then a wind block of some sort is recommended. Also to be installed high enough as to not be buried in snow, if you get any.
With any AC unit, the outside unit should not be installed in the sun. Late afternoon sun shouldn't be too bad, just not high noon sun.
All the ones I have seen have minimum clearance specifications. Most have side and front intake/exhaust and some have rear intake too. Would be bad to block those. The ones I looked at even had overhead restrictions. This was from 4 different manufacturers. Fuji, Mitsubishi , Mr. Cool and LG.
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Sep 26, 2008
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Speaking of dropping keys, I have a great story for you. My wife was trying to open a padlock on the boathouse, and she dropped my whole set of keys… Into a big O pipe! It went straight down a couple of feet before curving and heading off to another building. Tried fishing them out even though she wasn’t sure they fell there, but then had to get the backhoe out on my tractor and dig a big giant 6 foot deep trench until I reached the area where the keys were. Took a couple of hours of digging, but in the end it was a success and the keys did not get wet.

Yes it was a dumb idea to leave that big O pipe sticking up and open right beneath the padlock. That won’t happen again, as the pipe is now been cut and buried.
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May 12, 2004
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Thanks for all the birthday wishes.

46F, cloudy, and steady rain @ 14:00, currently under a Winter Weather Advisory. Had heavy rain earlier, LWS reports total 0.60" accumulation so far. Precipitation will change over to snow later as the front comes through.

Got hopper feeder and the two tube feeders refilled on Monday, also three suet feeders. The mix for the hopper feeder had some dried apricot bits added to it.

Five bags of garbage/trash hauled up to the road and put in the cans, also recyclables bin which was full.

Started a fire in the double barrel stove up in the shop on the way out to the road, was 42F inside when I lit it. Also got a bunch of cardboard burned.

Got several loads of crap from the garage hauled up and put inside shop including several jugs of drained oil which still need to be drained into the 55 gallon drum. Hauled two empty jugs back down + about 40' of 3/4" copper pipe that I'll probably use for the reconfiguration of the water softener and pressure tank.

Temp inside the shop had reached 60F by the time I knocked off at 17:00 to get cleaned up for dinner and that was without running the squirrel cage blower for circulation.

Did not get pallet moved down to the barn.

Was over at relatives for birthday dinner by 18:00. Had a great dinner then watched a movie we had never seen.

Came home around 22:00, ended up catching the last episode of the first season of "Three Pines", an Amazon Original crime drama series The Woman has taken a liking to.

After that started to watch another movie - Woman wasn't able to stay awake for that last one and headed to bed. She was asking how it turned out this morning. Will probably have to cue up the rest of it at some point so She can finish it.

Scored a very nice fleece blanket for keeping warm on the couch from the relatives.

Tuesday did end up being an energy conservation day mostly ... but I did get that pallet moved down to the barn and forks up to the shop.

Started up the Cub and ran it for a bit while I was doing that to clear whatever ethanol gas was still in the lines. Might do that a little more next time I'm over there just to be sure.

Checked in shop while I was up there and it looks like I should have enough 1/4" x 1 1/2" flat stock for the "wings" for all the loader implements (light material bucket, shrub bucket, pallet forks, and grapple) ... but forgot to grab the drill guide and Jacobs keyless chuck and bring them down to the house ... 🤬

Got another 2" foam board panel trimmed to height for the south wall in the utility room in the basement, also made a cut that needed to be done to accomodate some duct work.

Was unable to locate the combination square I had down in the basement. Got thinking about that last night and remembered I had one up in the dining room for the project there.

Did get all the fishies fed. The Julidochromis marlieri have cleared out an area under their rocks and look to be getting ready to spawn. Going to need to do some relocating of other fish to larger tanks due to growth.

Woman got on a tear cleaning out the pantry yesterday. Seems we have pantry moths again and She commented She needs to pick up some traps. I scored another box of raisins for the birds out of that, looks like there will be some more dried fruit of various types as well.

She headed off to Her neighbor friend's last evening for dinner and their regular get-together.

Took some hot water out and flushed out the deer feeder and stuck some whole corn in it. Hopper and tube feeders have been holding up, will likely need to refill hopper by tomorrow if not later this afternoon as the cold weather will have them feasting.

Got a couple of mounting holes drilled and counter-sunk.

More work done out in the garage, more stuff stowed away and more collected to be moved up to the shop.

Middle to north end of the workbench on the west wall cleared off and cleaned. Got the top screwed down in one spot where it was warped and uneven with the adjacent panel. Still have some more work to do on that.

Fishies all fed again.

Unsure what all will be on agenda for the rest of the day, certainly no shortage of items though.

Hope everyone is having a good Thursday ... (y)
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Apr 6, 2000
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31F snow coming to end rain arrives in couple hours mostly all night,that should melt 1 1/2" of new snow.

Work day was steady pace all caught until Monday ;)
Food shopping done for the Mrs. Pickup full tank gas and park,feet up,house nice warm,recliner feels good on the back pockets with feet,safe to say not shall be accomplish this evening.

Enjoy your evening all.
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Mar 30, 2022
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My dad would let me back up the truck at the freight terminal to go into parking space between two other trucks starting at a young age. One day I assumed the space was empty and did not see the little VW Beatle parked way into the parking space. It got crushed for sure. Dad had a lot to explain
Years ago with my first car, a 1975 Chevy Impala, I was driving on one of the more poorly-paved local streets and stopped for a light right into a pothole.

next thing I know, there is this dude knocking on my window saying he is sorry for rear-ending me. I thought I was getting robbed! But he was driving a Fiero and went under my bumper, and I hadn’t noticed because of the rough road. . . His hood was wrecked, I had a minor crease in my gas tank. . .
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May 20, 2004
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If you don’t mind my asking: A) What’s your total aH storage capacity? B) What are your panels (wattage+number)? We put in a small system to run our fridge and some security lighting (4x1000 AGM; 4x375W panels) but I find that one day of rain/clouds and I and plugging the fridge into the extension cord.

of course we installed the system just before Winter Solstice, but still. . .

I need to disconnect the one ”big” 500 lumen dusk2dawn LED flood and see if that helps.


Not a problem

Totally off grid - Hamakua side, Big Island, Hi

36 Trina 280 & 16 Phono 250 in 48 volt array (fixed) 14080w
Adding 12 Hyundai 365 (4380) 18460w total
Radians GG8048A/GS4048A w GSLCs
4 FM 80 charge controllers
Hub 10.3
FNDC w/3 shunts
Mate 3s
OpticsRE - MMKL - Ninole Hi
15 SimpliPhi 3.8 (57kw) (1125 AH)
14Kw Kohler 14RESA Propane

Charging Only
FNDC. - shared shunt feeds from Radian FNDC
Mate 3s
10Kw MEP 803a Military gen

Honda EU7000i

Davis VantagePro2 Wx Station
On line at: Personal Weather Station Dashboard | Weather Underground

We manage to suck up about 30kwh/day.