Good morning!!!!

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Randy (wag) hope no damage from winds. What are Chockies? Hope BS levels stay ok.
:D Mate, after all these years you have to know that we Aussies shorten words then (usually) add 'ie', 'y' or an 'o' on the end.

In this case it's for chocolate.

And, of course, just to confuse the matter, a "Chocko" is (particularly a WWII reference) an Army Reservist = a 'chocolate soldier' which was a confection/sweet at the time.
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A Blessed Easter Sunday to Everyone.

The Descent From the Cross
Cosimo Rosselli (Italian (Florentine), 1439–1507) possibly mid–1480s
Oil and tempera on panel
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Coffee is brewing. 27° with with clear skies this morning. Heading to 61° with lots of sun. Made and installed couple of tiedowns on new trailer. Also installed a front caster wheel. Cleaned up some more limbs from yard.
Going to spend today with Son and family.
Enjoy Easter Sunday.

Prayers and best wishes for everyone.

Good Morning All.
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Good morning, the low temp is 26 and it is supposed to go to a high of 50°F. Wind WSW 3 mph. Foggy. Tonight is forecast to be the last night of below freezing termperatures for a while.

Wagtail, "
Mate, after all these years you have to know that we Aussies shorten words then (usually) add 'ie', 'y' or an 'o' on the end."

What do you call your new King? :unsure:

I think I will encourage the piles of snow to relocate today.

Have a safe day all
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Happy Easter!
23 going to low 50's. Sunny weather predicted for the next 10 days!
Was able to get 2 loads of branches picked up before hands gave out.
Easter dinner with the family is here today.
Just a quick post to show we had a visitor on the front porch trying to stay out of the wind. Iphone grabbed a pretty good shot.
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30 outside right now. Heading to 60 today. I think this freeze has done in the last of the late blooming daffodils. Too bad. The dogwoods and redbuds may have suffered some damage too this AM. The lawn has a nice crunch to it walking the dog this AM. Hope this was the last of the freeze cycle for this year.

Road trip went well. In laws are OK. Met new great nephew for the first time. Will stay focused on the positive side of visits, LOL.

Happy Easter to all.

Be safe, have a great start to the work week. Health and happiness to you all.
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Happy Easter!

God has given us all another chance.

Time to start cooking process before church so that it is done in time for family dinner scheduled start time 😁

Harry Houdini defeated the Two-Layer pen after about 45 minutes of yowling - time to go to Plan C (once I figger out exactly what Plan C is…)

Have a Happy Healthy Blessed Easter Sunday!
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Drew what was the issue with the RV breaker?
a mystery, a Maytag repairman moment. Apparently after two days whatever had gotten wet had dried out. I think....

30 degrees out and hard frost, thankfully I took the time to put insulating plastic down on half of veggies. May leave them there for one more night.

new front carpet mats came in for rv, will put them in today when it warms up a bit. Bright sun out now, should be a nice Easter Sunday.