Good morning!!!!

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Coffee is brewing. 30° with mostly cloudy skies this morning. Heading to 47° with mostly cloudy skies. Spent way to much time vacuuming pond yesterday. Will back at doing it again today. Helped neighbor plant some maple trees. Still have one more to plant. Should get that done today.
Only one Sandhill Crane at feeders lately.

PJ, good to see you posting.

Everyone stay safe and well.

Good Morning All.
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Good morning to all. Central Texas weather remains unusually cool with lows in the 50's and high temps in the 70's. Entering, if you believe them, a week of decent rain chances which we still need.

Wishing all a great day. May God watch over us, protect and bless our Nation.

The USAF contains several major commands:
  • Air Force Special Operations Command.
  • Air Force Global Strike Command.
  • Air Combat Command.
  • Air Force Materiel Command.
  • Air Education and Training Command.
  • Air Mobility Command.

Air Force Global Strike Command, activated August 7, 2009, is a major command with headquarters at Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana, in the Shreveport-Bossier City community. AFGSC is responsible for the nation's three intercontinental ballistic missile wings, the Air Force’s entire bomber force, to include B-52, B-1 and B-2 wings, the Long-Range Strike Bomber program, Air Force Nuclear Command, Control and Communications (NC3) systems, and operational and maintenance support to organizations within the nuclear enterprise.

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Sorry I've been away for so long. Time really slipped by. Buppies, thank you for reaching out.

I've got a lot of catching up to do, but glad to see Jay is posting again, and has a new dog.

My wife had her shoulder surgery last week and I've been taking care of her and handling her chores as well as mine. She's doing great, and finally felt up for a trip out to Costco, Torchy's and to visit her driving, of course. She should get the green light to drive at her follow up doctor's appointment Wednesday.

Before the surgery, I crammed in as much hiking and spring gobbler hunting as I could. I'll post some hiking pictures...the mountains are fabulous this time of year.
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About 15 members of the Natural Bridge Trail Club were doing maintenance, so I sincerely thanked them, and let them know how much better shape their section was than most others. I hadn't seen this wildflower before, but the lady told me it is a gaywing.
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Good Morning!

God has given us another chance to get it right (or at least not screw up too badly).

Chonda Pierce show last night was amazing! And we finally got to see her (her last couple appearances here locally conflicted with prior commitments) just in time to have her announce she is getting ready to retire.

Bailey has vet appointment today (regular maintenance), and mom needs to be run around for errands.

When we went up to the woodlot yesterday, I packed the chainsaw and took ten minutes to drop that big pine behind where the shed will go. It will get sectioned up along with the poplar I dropped last week and hauled out, and the branches will help continue the fence withies project. Not counting bark, 17 inches where I cut it about 3’ up. I sortakinda screwe up the wedge cut, but was able to correct it by squaring off the apex and eliminating the Dutchman, and it dropped within two feet of where I needed it to go, no edges needed, so I call it a win.

I hope everyone has a happy healthy safe productive blessed day!
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