Good morning!!!!

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This mornings walk the leaves are out on most trees now. The big Pecan is usually the last to set leaves.

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36 going to 55 colder this morning but nice weather.

Neighbors dogs got into our property this morning and was chasing the fox at full speed. Fox won by a couple of length

Wng nice pictures lovely area. What was your wife's shoulder operation for? Glad it is going well and recovery is progressing.

Kil, you are welcome anytime. I want to get a felling rope and line to throw up over a branch.

David, nice mowing job. I see Egrets in the picture and I think the pacific in the distance
She had what the doctor called decompression, subacromial...removed a little bone matter and cleaned up around some tears.
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Morning, 40 going up to 60 and sunny.
Spent a few hours with the weedwacker and then mowed the side yards.
Son's friends cam over later for band practice.

PopG - looks like great fun at shadfest. We ended up parking at Lambertville station for $10, after went to the boathouse for drinks. Wife reminisced with hostess about some restaurants and people they both knew.

Good to see you back Wngsprd, and good news on the wife

Kilroy - I can only do plunge cuts on the dead Ash or they barber chair. Good job on the trees. I use a wrist rocket to shoot up the bags and line.

BEF our condolences - your family history is amazing, great it's being kept up.

Don - spending time in Japan and seeing what they do with veggies was interesting and sometimes bizarre, like tomatoes not only in multitudes of color, but also shapes. Some grown just to look good in certain dishes, talk about dedication to the art of farming.

Sorry to hear about the friends cancer Jay, dealing with a few family members with cancer now. Hope they can do something.

Be well,
The way I did the plunge and cleanup was to have it below the top cut of the wedge and then took two fresh cuts to open up the wedge cleanly. It resulted in a trapezoid rather than a wedge. But it fell perfectly and no splitting.
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Good morning! Low of 30°, heading for 66°. 40% chance of showers still forecast. We'll see..... Good chances for tomorrow too.

Wng, great pics from the trail. Hope the Mrs. heals quickly.

Jay, thanks for posting the nuthatch pic. Neat coloring.
Sorry to hear about your friend.

Kilroy, nice job on the tree. Successful day!

Ron, how dare you say that four letter word....s**w.

Don, the grafting part is a PIA... too much trouble and no guarantee.....

Successful day yesterday. Took much longer than expected, but having to take numerous breaks will do that.... Drip irrigation all done, both watering and modification. Material list done

Today's agenda is to pic up the materials. Probably nothing else....

Everyone have a great start to the week!
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Jay, prayers for your friend. Make the most of every day
Drew- Thanks. I just got off the phone with his Wife. They could not transport my friend to MassGeneral yesterday because there were no available ambulance crews and the medical evac copter could not fly due to the weather. He was arriving at MG during our call. MG staff surgeons are there waiting and he's going directly into surgery. + thoughts and prayers do help. Thanks.

On the good today is Wifey's birthday. We will be having a somewhat muted celebration at a really decent Asian/Fusion restaurant later today.
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I was never good remembering names, but I was great at remembering “life stories.” I pulled out an old list of Who’s Who in this great thread to help me get all the wonderful “life stories” shared here associated with the correct individual.
Jay, just a quick note to catch you up, Whenever I use "Farm" in quotations it is the Adventure Farm where I work part time driving the tractor (Kubota or New Holland) pulling people in the trailer giving tours. Whenever I use "Gardens" it is the Community gardens near the house where I'm one of the tractor (John Deere) drivers for the Horticulture club.