Good morning!!!!

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35 going to 63. Chilly.

Yes, Mostly, a dam is further down, and a railroad bridge is near the footbridge.

BEF, carpenter bees are terrible here. But good news...there was a loud buzz from my blooming crimson clover field...a closer look revealed honey bees everywhere. I haven't seen so many in years.

Wore myself out yesterday, sharpened the schain saw and then cut down a 37 year old 20 inch sassafras tree that I had nurtured and pruned into a beauty. It died a year ago but the birds loved to stage in it...finally decided it had to go. I couldn't believe how strong the aroma was. Now it is firewood. When it hit the ground, the little limbs exploded into a million pieces I had to rake up (it was in the yard).

Then mowed for a couple of hours and string trimmed a little.
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34 this morning high in low 60s. Did not get much done yesterday other than look at job

Prayers for all our Country
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Good morning from Central Texas. Still cool for us here. Awaiting rains this week. On 3rd coffee and soon to begin the daily grind for work.

The USAF C-17 Globemaster transport workhorse is operated by several USAF commands. The C-17 III version transports virtually all of the Army’s air-transportable equipment such as a 69-ton M1 Abrams main battle tank, armored vehicles, trucks and trailers in addition to troops (102) and palletized supplies.

Best wishes to all

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Good morning, the low is 31 and the high to 42°F. Wind N 2 mph. Light snow this morning, giving way to light rain this afternoon.
Winter just will not quit this year. The snow we got last night was only 1/2".

No gravel yesterday, hopefully today, but I am not holding my breath.

I have lots of hand work to do outside, but I cannot do it when the temperatures are this cold.

Jobs for today: spread gravel IF it comes. Maybe nip into town and gather the parcel that the PO doesn't want to deliver.

Have a safe day all
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Good Morning!

God has given us another chance to get it right (or maybe not screw up too badly).

30.0F, going to high 50s. Frost on the car and roofs. I covered the branches of the trees we planted two weeks ago with newspaper and spring clips, so the leaf buds/young leaves/blooms should make it okay. The ones up the woodlot will be a crapshoot…

I am taking two water samples today, from the upper and lower branches at the woodlot, just to see how much treatment I would need to make it drinkable. Bringing up jugs of water gets old…

Bailey got a clean bill of health at vet - “ the definition of canine health!” Is what his exact words were. He gave us a prescription for her puppy-induced anxiety (CBD). She was kind of mellow and ignored his antics for the afternoon, so that was good.

Ran mom around for some errands, but first we drove up the four-lane 20+ miles to get an early lunch at our favorite Greek Restaurant (it is our favorite because the next one is over an hour away 😁😂) before the lunch rush.

after that, tried working with more basic puppy training — still trying to get “SIT” to work… hardheaded little bugger…

I hope everyone has a happy healthy safe blessed day!
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37F partly cloudy sky low 50's for high,rain showers mid afternoon until sunset.

Outside chores done E muffin time.

Plans for today...Onces temps reach 40+ finish scrubbing washing outside of house,than see what rest of the day brings.

Enjoy your day all.
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Good morning, 33 was low this morning going to 58 today sunny

Newbuy, great suggestion. I actually have a couple of those for Cody.

Jay happy birthday to Mrs

Sit means SIT

Great pictures of grandson Pop

David pictures of your property are amazing and NO snow

Going to drop Cody off at the groomer and picking up groceries and prescriptions

Will look over the RTV 1100 for service work and see what materials I have on hand
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Good Morning.
39 with a high of 57 under clear skies today. Last dry day for the coming week.

Yesterday went as planned, Zoe did ok at school, other dogs are a major distraction to be overcome, as is the concept of heeling.
Got a few lights in with the RC plane, I am really enjoying electric power, and looking forward to converting at least some of nitro powered models.
Today is definitely a mowing day based on the forecast, probably a Costco run as well, Thursday is shearing day for the alpacas, I’m in charge of feeding the troops, and I need supplies. I hope to take advantage of the weather with some RC flying as well. Electric power makes that much easier to squeeze in, 15 minutes is a very useable chunk of time.
And I still have to get to Drew’s RV.
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Drinking first cup of hot coffee. 23° with clear skies this morning. Heading to 43° with rain in afternoon. In between snow flakes falling I spent sometime running vacuum in pond. Not a easy job. 10' of wand full of water and debris. Water is clearer each time I do it. Today will be a conserve energy day.
Caught this Tufted Titmouse setting still long enough for a photo yesterday.

Everyone stay well and safe.

Good Morning All.
Ron- Nice photo. You captured the feather texture and color really well for the lighting. Thanks for sharing.:cool:
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41°, low was 30° with a good frost.

Was planning to mow in VA Thursday, but now show 95% chance of .5” rain, and 1” for Friday, so will delay. That’s problem with keeping BX at MIL house, need to coordinate picking it up.
If it gets too tall BX won’t work with the belly mower. Might need to take my Massey and RFM, I can raise it to mow if grass too tall.