Good morning!!!!

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Coffee is done brewing. 37° with cloudy skies this morning. Heading to 45° with rain in afternoon. Another .25" of rain yesterday. There were nice times during the day. Sassy and I did a couple of walks in the sunshine. Took the Mule for a couple of rides around neighborhood visiting with neighbors. Did a check of garden pond. Water is crystal clear. Still some more cleanup to do. But I will not be doing as much as I did Saturday. Not sure what I will be doing today.
Tree has been getting larger every year in field next to my house.

Everyone stay safe and well.

Good Morning All.
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good morning all
very pretty tree Ron

sump pump ran all night long, 4.98 inches so far, some light rain left for today but this system seems done.
Lake in back yard is receding but ground is totally saturated.
what a lot of rain but no damage, local streams like the Neshaminy are overflowing, bet the Delaware River is very high today.
I may mosey on down that way to take a look.

off to oncologist early this morning, don't expect any changes, since CT scan two weeks ago of my gut didn't find any cancer at all.
but my primary looked at the new scans and remarked that my back was in really bad condition, kind of wondered why I wasn't getting it operated on.
Surgeon said unless I had pains shooting down my leg, hold off. But the handwriting is on the wall. Just normal falling apart...

enjoying my coffee and a fruit muffin, hope to have a good day.
soak in hot tub last night felt wonderful, I leave it set at 104. By the time I start to sweat, time to get out.
Am amazed how well that Coleman hot tub works for such an inexpensive tub.

Ted, great job on the planters. They will look amazing when full of flowers.
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Good evening all. 50ºF for the start, mostly sunny sky, and light breeze. Light wind, sky mostly clear, and high temp was 77ºF. Chapel to start day. Made pancakes for breakfast. Did some work on credit card bills and conserved energy.
Ron sounds like you are getting your share of the rain. Sorry about the aches and pains after pond cleaning. Hope you were able to conserve energy day. Nice cardinal
Kilroy hope you can get enough straw down to keep chickens and you happy. Harry had nice timing around the rain. Hope you were able to have a go at the tiller.
Randy(wag) thanks for explanation of government. Thanks for feeback on priest, hope you stay happy with him.
Drew glad birthday party was good and a surprise, sorry about noise driving you out. Sounds like Lake Drew will be there for a while. Enjoy your soak.
Drew Swedish pancakes sound good.
Billy gald had nice time at the garden center. NIce story. I may have heard her but not familiar with what she sings.
Scotty hope you got your weeds sprayed. sorry about the mustard giving you fits while mowing. Thanks for link
Dennis glad you got some rain. Sorry about son losing another girl friend. Hope worship went well,
Drew nice pics
Frits sorry about all day rain. Glad you got some mowing in, hope you get cable fixed on mower. Good to hear shoulder doing well and you are working to avoid the surgery. Nice pics
Frits nice story, bet goat milf made significant change to taste of pancakes.
Paul glad you are getting some rest for the higher energy days. nice pic
Bill hope you don't wash away.
Frits nice pics, neat ferry boat.
Jay glad your weather will improve soon.
Ted sorry about lack of rain. Good to hear planter project progressing. Looking forward to pics.
Buppies glad you are getting more rain. prayers sent.
Ken good to hear dog bathed, and you enjoyed the new place. Sorry about unstable neighbor. Bike ride was part of Germanfest at Muenster, so plenty of German cooking around :) Nice pics.
Jay good Cardinal.
Frits sounds like a good system.
Drew hope you can find good installer.
David hope you can get welder working soon. Enjoy your crab.
Ted great progress pics
Don sorry wind beat up the canopy. nice pics
RS nice progress yesterday. Hope you can the saw in the mobile base successfully.
Dennis looking forward to pic of cobbled lynch pin :)
Dennis sorry about HDMI cable not up to task. Good luck with leaking dormer. Hope colonoscopy goes well and clean bill of health.
Dennis thanks for lynch pin pic.
Frits hope daughter has good trip.
David hope you can salvage welder gun.
Drew are you floating yet?
Dennis neat little dozer.
Ted Planters looking very good.
Thomas hope you enjoyed non productive day.
RS good to hear good progress on saw.
Randy(wag) hope rain does not mess with AGFEST. Have fun planning your day(s) there.
David glad you and Sophie got a good soak. Sorry gun not salvageable.
prayer for all, especially Jay/Peg, Kyle /Daughter, /mom's breathing, /learning new job, /friends upcoming new baby, /son's migraines, Bird /aging issues, Ron /heart, Billy /mom hypertension & congestive heart failure, David(moss) /remodel, /divorce, Buppies /new skin cancer spot and treatment, /back surgery healing, /wife knee healing, Thomas /gout, Phil /reflux, Frits /veteran son with mental issues, /granddaughter with Evans Syndrome, Ken /dad possible dementia, Steppenwolfe /son-auto immune disorder, Grev /wife's eye, Ted /knee recovery, /retirement & disability red tape, /family issues, Lou /eye issues, /loss of brother, /heart issues, Doug and wife/health issues, / hand nerve and surgery, /fall and recovery, / wife headaches and heart eval, / David(sadamo)/Sophie's and David's new eye surgery recovery, Chris /neighbor's granddaughter and Covid issues, Scaredy/shoulder dislocation, /marriage dissolving, / friend stop drinking, Paul/ wife's healing from back surgery, Dennis /retirement, /neighbor issues, /land development, /favorable winds not in the forecast there "alligallyitus" and back in hospital, Drew /foot heel issues, /friend's wife cancer diagnosis and recovery, mike /wife's healing from surgery, Scotty /back pain, Helogabals /second opinion, /wife's friend situation, Fatjay /father broken hip, Ukraine war, and Country.
No tiller progress. Put a good deal of effort into ensuring the sofa did not get caught in the ceiling fan. . .
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40 this morning very breezy high in 50s today cooler tomorrow

Take care of yourself Drew

Prayers for all our Country
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Good Morning!

God has given us another chance to get it right (or at least not screw up too badly).

34.5F, going to upper 50s. Supposedly no rain until the weekend, but we know how THAT works…

Yesterday was an energy conservation day. after church,, spent a lot of time on the sofa, catching up on podcasts and YouTube videos on excavator operation. Figured out an easy way to remember how to do a jump turn: point the spin handle at the track going ahead/forward/under the boom.

Big plan for today is to go to feed store for some straw and layer pellets, and maybe clean out the back of Mrs’ Subaru and the back seat of the pickup, both of which have become quite cluttered over winter. I also have to set up payment for the new excavator. Otherwise, try to work on Harry training a bit more, maybe a trip up to the woodlot before chiropractor appointment this evening.

I hope everyone has a happy healthy safe productive blessed day!!!
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no question of not being in a drought here, with last big rain, but historically Bucks County, the one to the very far right,
has been ok.

area where Popgadget is, North of here, is closer to drought zone, but where Ken and I am, no problems with lack of water
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44 going to 64.

Some nice sunshine after a rainy Sunday, starting with a thunderstorm.

BEF, nice that your son led your congregation.

Kyle, nice to hear so many good things going on.

Most of yesterday was indoor paperwork, filing and weeding out old files while I watched San Diego play baseball against San Francisco in Mexico City. Looks like they were having a the Saturday game they hit 11 home runs, attributed to the 7,349' elevation there.
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Good morning! 58˚F heading to only 80˚ East wind partly cloudy.

Today is a relief from the heat that we had yesterday 92˚. We had to wait till late evening to take our trail walk. Under the trees with a slight breeze was not bad at 88˚.

Did a potato check at the garden and they are the size of a baseball, I'll let them go till the foliage just starts to look stressed. They still look very healthy, looks like it's going to be a bumper crop year.

Our little rains are not pushing the lake level up fast enough. The lake level is still lower than the last two years on May 1.

Have a good May Day!