Good morning!!!!

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Good Morning!

God has given us another chance to get it right (or at least not screw up too badly)

49.3F, going to upper 60s. Hopefully it won’t be as windy today as the last three days!

Yesterday, we went to the BigBoxHomeImprovement (orange) and ordered up scaffolding. By time it was all done, with taxes and delivery fees, just shy of $4500. But I don’t have to fetch it, it is coming right to our door.

up again too early, but not as bad as yesterday. Managed to roll over and catch some more sleep the last hour, but now awake (but in bed with tablet).

definitely need to get soil And tires today - I have to take a trip next week and there are a bunch of veggie plants that need to get out of starter cups and into soil before leaving…

I hope everyone has a safe healthy happy blessed day!
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good morning all
in the 50's today with light showers
busy day, getting tortured by dentist at 8am, then haircut at noon, then school board meeting at 5.
then at least I have several open days ahead, am sure I'll be mowing the lawn tomorrow after all this rain.

Lou, that sounds like quite a project. Hope it goes smoothly
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42 going to 59. Feels good outside...nice sunrise.

Kil, you building the Eiffel Tower?

Itching to get back to the mountains, but can't today.

Took my wife to Costco and another couple of stores yesterday, and had a great Calzone for lunch. She is gonna try to drive today for the first time since surgery...short trip over to friend's for Yoga. She knows she will have to sit out a number of times.
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Good morning, 43 going to 50 today rain is expected to start soon again.

No mowing today due to rain. Will focus on some PT work at home for shoulder.

Lou that sounds like a major project. Hope you have lots of help.

BEF, we often see cars swerving on our roads. Wondering about why every time seeing it. Often see it swerving into the white and yellow lines and changing speed for no reason. The other sign is when seeing oncoming car they pull way over into the white lines . I think part of it is bypassing I70 and thinking the two lane is safer from being stopped.

Daughter is pretty popular with her boss. She found this on her desk yesterday thanking her for some extra effort.

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Good Morning.
44 with a high of 50, another grey day with a chance of rain.

Won’t get much done today, off to Sarasota, then Washington, Pa to drop a plane off for maintenance. Another day without many steps. Plenty of miles, but not a lot of movement. After this, I’ll be home until Sunday. I should be happy that I’m still doing this at my age , and that I’m home every night, neither one one seemed liked a possibility 30 years ago.

But the wet weather has really made things grow, I’ve got a lot of mowing to get done, hopefully it will be dry enough in the next couple of days.
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Rain, rain rain, nothing but rain for several days now.

Got a bit of a respite on Monday afternoon, so put one of the Sea-Doos in the water to go looking for a dock ramp that had floated away, and I promptly got the sea-Doo stuck on a sandbar. I may have really damaged the impeller mechanism, and worse. So, I have to pull it out of the water again and maybe take it to the dealer. Bad ending to the day.

Still raining right now, and will do so all day today, and most of tomorrow. Can’t get any outdoor chores done.

Wife and daughter are coming up tomorrow night for the weekend, which looks not too bad with respect to rain. Maybe we can get the docking set up for the summer, and daughter is interested in going and out to find and cut some more rounds for firewood, and also doing some splitting. That will be fun at least. (this firewood thing has become a bit of a tradition with her and I.)

Also, have to get the basement cleaned up and vacuumed for the Electrical Inspector, after which we can start to cover the walls and ceiling in the basement. Have 1000 ft.² of flooring to put down as well, and the IKEA kitchen cupboards are coming at the end of the month. Busy, busy, busy!

Have a great day everyone and I hope it’s not raining where you are!
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Morning all, 45 going to 53 and cloudy, more rain predicted

Chill day yesterday

Have fun at Agfest Wagtail

sorry that you sea-doo is messed up, hope not too many $

Lou-My first house was not well attached to the sill, neighbor had his house slide right off one day. Sounds like a big job, but better to do it now before it moves too far out.

Be Well,

Have a few herds of deer 10-12 in each coming through. All the adult Does look very pregnant. Soon their will be no standing room.

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Good morning, the low temp is 42 and the high will be 59°F. Wind NNE 10 gusting to 15 mph. 80% chance of rain.

I've got to go out today and get my lottery ticket for the next 6 months and get my wheel nuts retorqued. I am also looking at a F 350 about a '60 to '65 I think. I will get the mail on my way back.

Stay safe all