Good morning!!!!

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58 partly cloudy sky.

It was long day getting to know wheel barrel again,alomst 1 1/2 cords in basement and wood area chucker block full.
Early date night hardly anyone in restaurant and fry clams (y) but dinner rolls could been used for baseball practice. :cautious:

Just about ready to set on the deck enjoy smooth cigar wait for critters and stars.

Enjoy your evening all.
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Can't keep up with this thread. Moves too quick.
Yesterday started badly for me. Sitting at the kitchen couter and spilled a whole cup of tea onto my laptop. What a mess. Tipped it upside down and turned it off and then held it on its' edge while the tea drained out. Grabbed a can of contact cleaner and sprayed the heck out of it. Used about 10 paper towels cleaning up the mess. Took it out to my compressor and gently blew everywhere I could then tried starting it. It would try to boot and then shut down. Eventually I removed the bottom and sprayed more contact cleaner and it still wouldn't start up. Went and borrowed Les' hair drier and gently warmed everything and tried again. Yay, it booted up. Gave it some more hair care and then put its' bottom back on. It is working fine and today it seems 100% again.
So thankful as all my banking etc is on this one.
Last week I had a CT Scan guided nerve blocker needle in my spine but so far it has not done any good. Dr said my spine is in pretty bad nick. I shouldn't lift anything at all. Pretty disappointing. So much work to do around here I may have to consider other options.
Tractor has let me down. I think I need to remove the injector pump as I suspect the rack has lost a tooth which is common on this model. I have 770 hours on it so it has done better than some. Don't know how I will manage that. I will have to try though.
At least the needle I got in my shoulder worked this time. I have full movement again.
My hands have healed frrom the carpal tunnel ops but one finger still slightly bent but quite manageable. My broken leg has healed up fine so hopefully I am in for a better year.
Stepson and partner have sold their house in Brisbane and moved to Gladstone so we won't see them as much now. Better opportunities apparently.
I have put my Mustang up for sale as I am not getting to use it like I had planned. The bank account would look much better if someone buys it. Not much interest in Mustangs at present. It only has 12,000 klm on it. I have had some lowball offers.
Going flying my Models today but even that has been a struggle with my back the way it is.
May have to give that up too but my drone is easy to fly and I can sit down while doing that.
Luckily all the mowing of paddocks was completed by the time the tractor let me down. I can manage to keep up with the Zero Turn now the grass is under control and winter is coming. Growth has slowed now.
Lesley is doing OK and the 4 dogs are all OK so that is about it. We still have the daughter and her 2 kids here. Looks like they will be here for some time the way rental housing is. They have a cabin at the back of the house with the spare bathroom at their disposal. Kids watch the TV in my mancave so they are pretty easy to live with thankfully.
Thats all for now folks. Bless you all.
Alien- You, Me, and Others are all on a similar physical path. I wish you (and all the other frequent flyers as well) better health in the long run, but in the short term I hope you have some decent "air time" with the drone tonight.

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Picked up groceries this afternoon and mowed grass for a couple of hours after that.

Checked the RTV x1100 for service requirements and discovered that there is a 400 hour difference in the hour counter between when it is running and when it is off but with the key turned. First time I have seen anything like that.

David, lots of practice on similar material and thickness will help.

Cody loves to help carry in firewood however it gets dropped in random places. Installation of the Mitsubishi mini split has significantly reduced the amount of firewood we use. It works great and easy on the power bill

KJC, I am glad you are feeling better

I have been at the Firestone Golf Course for a team building session with a client team. It is beautiful
Would love to go there again.

Did another round of PT with some in the house and the barn. Got the rubber tubes with handles set up for the different exercises and also using the truck step to tie onto with a strap for back and stomach exercises. Always was able to work through injuries in the past but this rotary cuff thing is not likely to return to normal at least according to the doctor. Had a serious motorcycle accident years ago but worked through it and returned to normal.
Thank you!