Good morning!!!!

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Good Morning
44 with a high in the low 70’s today.

Yesterday was slow moving, but got a few things done. Went to daughters house to put up some shades and have lunch with her.
Did some cleanup in the shop and a little bit of paperwork before oldest son and grandson came up to fly models, youngest son and his wife and dog came to visit as well, daughter showed up with her two dogs, so we had a regular dog festival going on. They all stayed for an impromptu cookout.

This morning I’m getting ready to do to Sarasota again to pick up the people that we dropped off on Wednesday. Should be back early this afternoon, I’ve got the drone charged up, we want to try to take some air to air video of the RC planes. We’ll see how that goes.
The runway is noticeably better than it was prior to rolling.

Won’t get anything done tomorrow, as I’m off to Marsh Harbour, but when I get back I shouldn’t have to go anywhere for a few weeks, but that is always subject to change. One of the problems of working for yourself is that you are stuck with a taskmaster for a boss.
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Good Morning!

God has given us another chance to get it right (or at least not screw up too badly . . .).

51,6F, going to upper 70s.

As noted above in reply to mostly, we have hopefully straightened out the payment issue. Harry had better be picked up this afternoon, or there will be a major $#1+storm, and we wont hear a thing about the “non-refundable” deposit - it won’t be pretty, my Jersey wants to come out and describe it in earthy, gritty ways but it is Sunday morning and this is a family channel. . .

it was drizzly on-and-off yesterday, so no trip to the woodlot. Spent some time cleaning out the back seat of the pickup and making it passenger-friendly again. Yes, there IS a floor back there!probably the biggest discovery was the set of keys from the place we owned in Florida that we sold three years ago 🤣😂. Untangled a bunch of ratchet tie-downs and put them back in the kitty-litter bucket I store them in.

I find that I use a lot of lashing ties for most of my tie-down needs, and for general temporary fastening and securing. They do tend to disappear, so I made another batch of 20. I place a mail in each end of a 2x4x8 and lace back and forth with 550 paracord, cut at each nail, and melt the ends with a propane torch. I usually keep a couple in my back pockets, they have come in handy at random times. As long as I don’t let stopped if there is a kidnapping investigation in the area. . . It could be awkward 🤣😂🤣

Drug dealer across the street was in the can for almost a month on contempt charge, finally got bailed out three days ago. Two days ago, got in a screaming match with one of the other inhabitants, other inhabitant called police, she is now back in… and it is a long way to the next First-Of-The-Month. We moved 753 miles from the heart of urban decay to Small-Town America, and have this crap across the street again 🤮🤬💥

I hope everyone has a happy healthy safe blessed day!
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According to Sheriff’s website, druggie got bailed out 10:20 PM last night.

which would explain the noises at about 1AM. . .

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39F clear sky upper 60's mostly cloudy late afternoon.

Outside chores done E muffin time.
Setting on the deck last evening 7 deer,2 gray fox,1 LARGE raccoon :eek: Avon lady.

Plans for today...3 stops in town,rub a dub wash both vehicles,check game cams,than see what the rest of the day has to offer.

Enjoy your day all.
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Good Morning!!!! 50F @ 4:00AM. A mix of clouds and sun. High near 70F. Winds SSE at 10 to 15 mph.
No rain here since midnight, but we picked up a bit more than half an inch yesterday, mostly in the morning. A big cell tried to drift over at about sundown, but fortunately petered out and the hail it had been dropping didn't make it here.

Hopefully someone was looking out for your tools and you'll find them again soon, Drew. But I got a sinking feeling as I read your account of the loss.

The wood stove didn't seem to be drawing very well, so I pulled the rigid end off the shop vac hose and fished it into the fresh air intake to the stove. I heard several things get sucked into the vacuum and called it good. Stoked the stove and it took right off, so I think whatever was in there was the problem. Sat on the patio watching the storm pass, enjoying a drop or two of Kentucky's finest, and noticed that the new stove pipe is leaning to one side a bit. It's just a temporary installation until the stucco gets finished, put in place to keep the rain out. But it's something to check when the contractor says he's done.

Needed to restock the firewood dolly yesterday, but before I could do that, I had to dig the firewood pallet in the garage out from under a pile of cardboard boxes. Made a couple of stacks, neatly taped together so the garbage man can easily get them onto his truck Tuesday. This late in the year there's little chance of getting through a whole cart of wood, so I stacked about half full and called it good. The manzanita on that pallet is pretty heavy, so I saved myself a bit of effort in the process, too.

Got a text from my realtor letting me know that the person that out bid my offer on last week's house couldn't get the financing they needed, and the selling realtor was asking if I was still interested. She was putting the house back on the market, priced just under my offer. I declined, as I'd need to build a shop building before I could finish moving from here, and I don't want to take the chance of not being able to find a contractor that could do the work in the near future, and that wouldn't want ten prices to do it. I've seen enough homes with out buildings and RV access to the back yard to know that such things exist, so just need to be patient enough until one comes on the market.

A few days ago a fellow expressed interest in the flail mower I had for sale, and yesterday followed up saying he could come and get it. He had a two hour trip to get here, so after confirming the price with him, I got the forks back on the tractor and rigged a couple of ratchet straps to lift it into his trailer. He showed up right on time, just as the storm I mentioned looked about to hit. We got the flail loaded and secured, I got paid what I was asking, and he was on his way. Very nice to meet someone that does what they say, and knows a good deal when they see it. Several others tried to low ball, another joker changed plans several times and wanted me to hold it for him. Uh uh, first one here with the cash gets it, and he didn't. So many flakes and creeps out there these days; another by product of the pandemic?

A new mouse trap had been cleaned of peanut butter twice by the one that had taken up residence in the kitchen, so yesterday I fiddled with the trigger and lightened it up considerably. Reset it, and just at bed time last night heard it go off. Followed by several minutes of thrashing, as it had caught the critter behind its head and had somehow missed breaking its neck. Stepped on it to put it out of its misery, and will clean up the mess after breakfast. Not a very nice way to start the day, eh?

Looks like a nice day today, so I'll take another swing at getting the VW running. The contractor says he's gonna paint the house this week, and I want to get the van well away from any over spray. Hard to do when the engine won't go.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend.
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52 going to 83...nice sunrise with the moon still bright.

Don, I think I'd choose BEF's snake over yours. 😁 I've seen geese attack, but not turkeys.

Helped my wife some more with planting her job is to lift the heavy bags of soil and fill the planters, and then move them to final position...and then the most important job is to come back later to confirm how nice the flowers look after she's planted them in her well-planned arrangement.

In the meantime, did a little work on the zero-turn and took it for a couple hour ride mowing yard and trails.

Also ventured into a solar power installation...massive 72 square inch panel :ROFLMAO: to power 3 LED lights down at the barn. Hardest part of the job was removing the 3 wasp nests where I needed to install the motion-activated light and run the wire. I installed one of these about 5 years ago, and still going strong...$40 kit from Costco.
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Nice morning slept in some another great dinner at Miller’s last night wife really enjoys eating there so trip is inconsequential

Probably work on down trees today mow grass what ever else comes up

Sorry about missing tools Drew sorry about drug heads Kilroy continue to heal alien, no snakes for me my 28 ga gives them medicine they need

scaredy prayers continue, wngsprd glad wife is getting better bet flowers are pretty

prayers for all our Country
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Good morning, the low was 38, it is 54 now and going to a high of 65°F. Wind light and variable. 60% chance of rain, total accumulation 0.09".

I cut the skin off refrigerator and freezers to use for any tin work I have here. That is my job for today, so it wont matter if it rains.

It really sucks that people you thought you trusted to look after your tools, don't. I learned my lesson 30 years ago, now I DO NOT lend my tools of any sort to anyone for any reason/excuse.

Have a safe day all
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Good morning, 57 going to 79 much warmer today. Rain in the forecast for afternoon.

Will work some more on setting fence poles and tamping in.

Not able to post pictures even after resizing and getting the message that the file is too large for the server to process. I see others posting pictures so what is up?

Daughter sent picture from Alexandria last night of a car ramming a utility pole after narrowly missing her Uber and then the driver bolted out and ran away.

Drew, hope that your tools show up again. Not a good feeling.

We had a neighbor one time that borrowed the tractor and after 3 weeks it was not returned. Went over and retrieved it and he got mad because he had not had time to use it yet. And when I was out of town he hit up wife to get the keys to barn because he needed my tools etc. He got mad that the barn was locked. Glad he mowed away.

With the many adjoining neighbors we have there is always a couple of problems. Another neighbor also borrowed the tractor and pulled the gear stick put of the slot so it was locked and said nothing about it.