Good morning!!!!

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Ouch, can see your problem. What I was suggesting was a loose hitch that when lifted would allow post to hang close to vertical and when let go would be loose enough to remove. Good luck.
Even a $9 Horrible Fright sling strap would help
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Been on free trial of Youtube TV last few days fed via Starlink. Converting from Dish will save over $90/month (almost pay for Starlink). So far it has performed quite well, no weather clitches etc. a bit challenging getting use to menu. As we are used to using 2 remotes, I ordered a 2nd TV remote from Amazon for the Sony which is our newest and a smart TV. Our other TV that we watch is about 16 years old, not a smart TV, whole different learning curve as access will be via AppleTV. If anyone here has any hints/suggestions re Youtube TV…
Gotta love learning new things at such a tender age.
We have a RoKu on ours with the StarLink and it is freakin’ awesome!

the RoKu box cost $99, and only thing I pay is $5/mo for OANN - no need to pay for anything else, between Tubi and Hulu and the dozens of other provider options, with all the channels they contain. And it is a net savings on what we were paying with DirecTV of almost $40/month for the StarLink.
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Been on free trial of Youtube TV last few days fed via Starlink. Converting from Dish will save over $90/month (almost pay for Starlink)……
Gotta love learning new things at such a tender age.

We made the leap to all streaming this year as well. It is a bit more convoluted to navigate, but works well and saves money.

Old people and New technology are always a curious mix!
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57 going to 84, maybe a t-storm.

Happy Birthday to m7 and Son of Ron.

Did some grappling of limbs cut from a storm damaged oak yesterday until the rain 99% done, just need to throw some remaining "crumbs" from the field into the woods.

Like RNG, I went hunting for a mouse that left a few sunflower shells where they shouldn't be yesterday. Success when I checked this morning, and it's already now sitting on a little rise in the field we call Predator Butte...a place we leave "treats" for the hawks, foxes, etc. Sometimes the crows beat them to it. Trap reset in case another shows up.
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Good Morning
It’s 58 and going into the Middle 70’s today under fair skies.

Easy trip to Sarasota yesterday, got home early enough to get some RC flying in, but rain moved in and thwarted that.

At least I got the customs paperwork done for today’s trip to Florida and the Bahamas. It will take all day, good chance that I won’t be back in time to take Zoe to school. But it should be a good day, and my last trip for a few weeks.

I’m ready to have a few weeks of uninterrupted time to get things done around here and even just putter around the shop. Although being busy forces you to manage your time, and usually get more done. I need to find a happy medium.
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Good Morning!

God has given us another chance to get it right (or at least not screw up too badly).

57.7F going to upper 70s, rain/t-storms all night, continuing until midday.

Harry is off to boot camp, Bailey is enjoying the blissful sounds of birds, raindrops, the refrigerator cycling, and no energetic puppy 😂🤣.

i chopped up a fallen limb into firewood pieces for the sauna, it is just enough for one schvitz but waste not, want not.

plans for today are mainly do the tasks that did not get done Friday: post office, pick up spare tire carrier for TukTuk, get lugs at auto parts store. Possibly go to tire guy for used tires. Trip up to PA postponed, so maybe call the Kubota dealer and see oddsmof getting machine delivered earlier.

I hope everyone has a happy healthy safe blessed day!
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one of my goals for this week is returning all of the Comcast cable hardware and turning that account off, saving me 2500 bucks a year.
I never watch tv anyway or hardly ever. Bought the 99 dollar Roku box Kilroy mentioned.
I already have Verizon for cell phone, need to make sure my land line from Comcast can get laterally moved.
So...first stop is Verizon and get them to transfer the land line number and initiating high speed internet. Both Verizon and Comcast are on the local pole.
time to consolidate with Verizon and save money. I have a smart tv but thought I needed the Roku also. Maybe, smarter minds than mine will figure this out.
I also got a wifi extender to boost the signal to the rv when in the parking lot, and maybe even on the road also.
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Good morning from Central Texas. Weather here is the "usual" for this time of year. Dripping wet humidity and warm. About 71 degrees at 6am and near 71 Dew point. Farm wise, struggling somewhat, just enough rainfall that the hay cannot be cut and baled. So, still have a 1st cutting to do. Winter grasses (mostly rye) are too large and need to be sheared off asap.

The USAF Research Laboratory since formation in 1997, it has conducted numerous experiments and technical demonstrations in conjunction with NASA, Department of Energy National Laboratories, DARPA, and other research organizations within the Department of Defense.
Headquarters are at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, where they keep the aliens :);)

Best wishes to all!


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If you have a smart TV, you shouldn’t need the Roku.
Well, I have a smart TV. They are not all the same. For Roku, I need a box also. Guess it depends on which model, when you purchased and numerous other factors. Very confusing (as is most everything today). I only have Amason / U-tube apps on mine albeit it is several years old now.