Good morning!!!!

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Kilroy try 21A pug mill stone comes with water and quarry dust makes a nice solid surface
I went with 57 for 2 reasons: the area is mainly going to be for a hangout area, not vehicular use, and also it matches the stone already on the road. Otherwise I would have used crusher run instead.
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11/2 walls done, but boy my arms need a break.
Just to give an idea


I’m thinking that 9 inch paint roller is gonna seem awesome compared to the pw nozzle.
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Wife just said I need to put steaks on the grill. What??? Someone forgot to tell me that was the plan, it’s getting ready to storm and rain is starting. Plan B is soup and tater tots.

Big consignment equipment auction down the road. Lots of ZT, few tractors, good bit of skidsteers. Didn’t stop, but I see some of the stuff being trucked out past the house.

Work day at church this morning. Cleaning out our 102 ft long storage barn. Barn came with property. Used to be owned by coop who stored fertilizer in a couple bays, they still stink even after we sealed the floor.

Several years ago I installed new front and 5 of the 7 garage doors. Used to be massive track doors, 1 per bay. About 7 years ago someone needed an urgent place to store their grandmothers stuff, and they abandoned it there. We got dumpster, the family who put it there filled the dumpster and kept what they wanted.
We had 3 identical broken pop up awnings, I used one to fix 2, so now only 1 broken. Took me about 5 minutes, they were going to toss them all. Just broken piece of the scissor arms that spread apart. I kept 1 broken for more spares.
Getting cool sitting on porch with it raining, but snagglepuss is curled up on me.
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Started out kinda dreary today and now it's beautiful out. Around 65 degrees.

Wife and daughter are at property. Kid has a friend with her. I'm doing things around the house.
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It never got to the predicted high temperature, but 59ºF works for me.. The rain started ~ HH and 0.67" of needed rain recorded so far. A wet bird on a rainy day


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