Good morning!!!!

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I was always trying to get our sons involved in the shop and repair activities but no such luck. A couple of the girls were much more involved in repairs and taking care of the goats doing milking feeding and clean up. Our granddaughter when she stayed with us I took everywhere and got her involved at an early age.

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52 going to 81...wore shorts and t-shirt to feed the birds and take the flag out at dawn and nearly froze.

Ron, that is a bird castle rather than a bird house. Nice job.

Professor Don, nice looking peaches...we have tiny pears and apples now.

Beautiful barns and battlefield.

Thought I'd just rest and recuperate yesterday, but my wife wanted me to do some hoing so she could finish planting flowers...then decide to exercise my zero for a couple of hours...had neglected some trails so as not to disturb the turkeys. Haven't hiked for 12 days, so will take the foot out on the trail this morning and test it out.
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My kids never wanted to do tractor things with me, but they loved riding along on tractor with their grandpa’s.

55° outside, a bit chilly inside.

Got to visit UPS store today to drop a package, might swing by Costco and pick up the portable heat pump. Dad has the bush hog on the L5030 and has started mowing fields. I might head out there next week to help some. Takes a long time to mow his fields with 5 ft mower.
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Relatives heading out tomorrow morning, good trip to brunch yesterday, hung out for a couple hours with them at mom’s. Going to do some local activities with the, today, and dinner at local BBQ.

as to engine “locking up”: is it a cooling issue? Is it a parts breakage issue? Is it some other issue? Too many projects to worry about it right now, but I would not mind having that in the arsenal. Also found out that the backhoe that is in the far-side tree line (completely engulfed in vines) is also a Case machine but no model/year info available… baby steps…
Engine locking up can at times be attributed to starting up and shutting down before full warm up causing rusting of the cylinders
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rswyn- Thank you for sharing your day and projects. You have a nice looking spread. I get tired reading about all your daily activities.

Bruce- Yes. Those 2 Red-Breasted Woodpeckers were really going at it. I can post that there were similar intra-specie conflicts with the Baltimore Orioles and the Red-Breasted Grosbeaks. Surprisingly RBG’s eat oranges too.

RonJ- Great picture. Thanks for sharing. I like the eye catch-lighting. Nice repair job.

Popgadget- I hope that you quality time with your GS. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Don- Good looking peaches. Our old peach tree is not doing well. It’s down to one living limb.

Kilroy- I hope you and your family have a great afternoon and barbecue.

Bill- I hope that you have a good day pulling stumps with your Stepson.

Ken- It’s good to read that your dog is doing better.

Fritz- Thanks for sharing your family pictures and projects.

Billy- Good luck with your foot.

It was upper level milky/hazy skies with 47ºF as this morning's low temperature. I swear that I could smell acrid smoke this morning during the dog tour of the lower field. The high level haze continues with some cumulus clouds mixing in with 57ºF the current temperature. I expect these conditions to continue through the day with an afternoon high temperature in the upper 60ºF's. We are getting our septic tank cleaned out tomorrow so I need to string trim around the tank so he can have easy access. One of these years this old system will have to be replaced. Hopefully not this year.

A picture from yesterday afternoon:


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One more story on the old Volvo

We took a trip to Yellowstone park in winter driving up from AZ but got stranded in snow storm and 30 below outside Bozeman MT with frozen gas line. None came by and we were getting desperate. So resorted to ripping off the breather hose for the crankcase vent and connecting to a small gas can upside down under the hood feeding by gravity directly to the carbs leaving the hood partly open but since it is hinged in the front it was ok to drive. Car started and we made it to a gas station for thaw up. Close call but we made it including our cat. Never been this cold before
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Engine locked up:

It was run low on oil and pistons and/or bearing(s) seized.

A connecting rod big end decided it wanted a divorce from the small end and is wedged in the block

It was run hot and siezed

It was parked too long and water has gotten in thru open valves causing the pistons and cylinder walls to try to become one through rust.

And probably a few other expensive possibilities.
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Corn and beans have come up in the garden. Planted cucumber plant that was overdue to be transplanted. Will let it climb wire fence this year. Still need to plant tomatoes and peppers.
Snagglepuss came to help
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finished off that Gatorade zero sugar sports drink and decided to inspect.
what an aha moment, as was suggested earlier in GM.
no sugar is fine, 5 calories are fine, but sucralose?
hold on, not so fine.
not good at all.
I am so not buying that stuff again.

Sucralose is an artificial sweetener and sugar substitute. The majority of ingested sucralose is not broken down by the body, so it is noncaloric

What are the side effects of sucralose? To reiterate the many sucralose side effects, they include:

  • alters glucose and insulin levels.
  • increases risk of digestive problems.
  • alters gut health and damages the GI tract.
  • kills probiotics.
  • may play a role in certain cancers.
  • generates toxic compounds when heated.
probably would be healthier drinking a real Coke.
probably would be healthiest drinking plain iced tea