Good morning!!!!

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55 this morning high in 70s rain all weekend I hope. Another sleepless night oh well Got paper work to do today that will keep me busy.

Prayers for all our Country Ukrainian people
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Coffee is brewing. 45° with clear skies this morning. Heading to 80° with plenty of sun. Got my Carpenter Bee traps up. Cleaned up shop from last 2 projects. Took a nap. Got trailer out and power washed deck. While I had power washer out washed Mule and Tractor. Then put everything back where they belong. Today will start prepping trailer deck for a coating. Hope to get first coat on it today.
Sunrise with Western Canada Wildfire Smoke.

Everyone stay well and safe.

Good Morning All.
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Good Morning!

God has given us another chance to get it right (or at least it screw up too badly. . .).

55.3F, going to upper 60s, cloudy but no rain forecast. Should be a decent traveling day for our relatives who are heading out this morning. Mrs also wants to take a day trip, so we will do that, too.

perused the Habitat ReStore, got two lengths of 3” PVC pipe for $10 ea. currently around $25 each at BigBox Blue, so that was a nice score!

BBQ place was awesome as always, everyone had a good dinner. Sat on the deck and enjoyed the sunset until it got buggy.

Generally a low-key day.

I hope everyone has a happy healthy safe productive blessed day!
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good morning all
another nice day, high in low 70's, just lovely out
put up my suet feeders yesterday, so far no action, haven't been discovered yet

cleaning lady coming this morning, first time in a while, need to scurry around and pick things up

I'll be loading food into rv today; will probably be vacuuming rv while house gets clean.
Also going to hook up trailer and golf cart to rv. This will be a first. Have an anti rattle gizmo I want to install; worked really well on
car to reduce hitch rattles.

lastly need to make up some pickling seasoning and start soaking those sliced radishes I have.

Popgadget's grandson looks gloriously dirty. what next Grandpop!
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50 going to 76. I've decided that 50 is about my favorite temp right now.

Pop, that grandson always looks happy.

Buppies, where there's a cub, there's a careful running it off.

The trails were closed in Shenandoah National Park where I had planned to hike due to a missing person...sadly his remains were found a couple of days later...several volunteer groups helped, including some with trained search dogs. A neighbor used to raise, train, and search with dogs...they are truly amazing.

Don, what is the purpose of raised platform? That's a great looking farm. Do they do pick-your-own tomatoes?
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Morning 54 going to 74 and heavy cloud cover.
Got nothing done yesterday.

Mostly-hope your friend recovers from Leukemia and second time has got to be frustrating.

Nice looking fire ring Wngsprd.

Be well,