Good morning!!!!

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Good morning to all TBN. Brothers and Sisters. Finally, was able to cut the hay field. Unfortunately, had about .7" of rain the next day. At least it is cut and with temperatures approaching 90 it should dry enough in the next 1-2 days to bale.

Early Happy Memorial Day to all. I'm sure many on this forum have had family who have served. I am old enough that my father and all my uncles were somewhere (Italy, Africa, other parts of Europe) in WWII. Fortunately, of these none perished during that global conflict. Many in the family served in Korea and Vietnam wars also. Luckily no family losses there either, but they had friends who did not make it.

The USAF with Raytheon is developing a Long-Range Stand-Off weapon (LRSO) nuclear-armed air-launched cruise missile now in the engineering phase. Deployment still a few years away. The Raytheon AGM-181 Long-Range Standoff missile will succeed the 1980s-vintage AGM-86B Air-Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM), which is being phased out after undergoing several life extension programs. Integration planned for the B-52H and B-21 with a claimed range > 1500 miles.

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Back to drinking hot coffee. 38° with clear skies this morning. Heading to 64° with mostly sunny skies. Put Flail mower on tractor and mowed 3 acre field yesterday. Grocery shopping this morning. Then hope to get started painting deck wood on trailer.

Everyone stay well and safe.

Good Morning All.
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Good morning, the low temp was 33 and the high going to 60°F. Wind NNE 5 to 10 mph. Zero % chance of precipitation.

Drew, a longer tongue would solve that problem.

Ron, nice wood pecker. This is the first pic I've seen from you in a couple of weeks. My 'puter didn't like TBNs formatting of pics.

Scaredy, never go wheeling alone doesn't mean to pack more people in the vehicle. Hope you had a good time and came back home safely.

Dump/town run for today then tear the house apart looking for my bottle of Permethrin. I bought it through amazon three years ago, now I cannot find it. Couldn't find it last year either.
I may have to drop into the feed store in Powassan and see if I can get some there OTC.

Up way too early, BUT I can go back to bed. Not going anywhere until 11:30 A.M.

Have a safe day all
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Good Morning.
47 outside this morning when Zoe and I went for a walk.
Supposed to get to almost 70 under a clear sky.

Yesterday was almost 80, a bit warm for fencing, especially in the sun.
I made it home from breakfast in time to take the string trimmer for a walk around all the posts before Dennis (BEF) and my son arrived. I had staged all the tools we needed in the back of the Carryall, put the loader on the tractor, swapped the bucket out for forks and parked it by the fence as well.
First task was to scratch our heads and decide which way to roll the wire out. Once that was decided we were off and running. We did a few things differently than I had done them in the past. We stripped the first 24” of vertical wire off, and pulled the remaining horizontal wires around the gate post, wrapping them around themselves. Previously, I had just stapled the wire, pulled it back over the staple and stapled the tail as well. The way we did it yesterday was much neater.
As Dennis said, the stapler was the bomb. The Makita battery worked just fine in the Milwaukee tool with the adapter.
So we started at about 10:30, took a lunch break when we finished the first roll (330 feet), and finished a bit after 3. Not bad for about 650 feet of fence.
It was nice meeting Dennis in person, and the extra set of hands were welcome.

Today I’m off to Vero Beach, I hope to mow when I get home.
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good morning all from Upper Black Eddy PA
45 out going up to 71, should be a lovely day
had to put a heater on in the rv.

made coffee this morning while putting away dishes.
slept like a rock here last night, so quiet in the woods.
Campground not full at all, no cars driving by, just a few golf carts.
And once it gets a little warmer, I'm off in my cart to go exploring

thanks for suggestions on improving my driving. I am chagrined to ding up my rv twice. First time yes sure could have used a dinger going off, like we are spoiled with on our cars. Second time I backed up and had no idea trailer would jacknife into rv. Sure do now.

all the tanks show they are full, when they aren't. I think the sensors are gunked up. I'm not taking a shower this trip so should have no problems with storage, but 35 gallons isn't that much

am sorry I missed Dennis yesterday but just wasn't good timing.
I'll catch up with him next time I'm headed down 81.

and yes, local tractor is an H. I'll take a pic of it this morning.
enjoy your day
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Some people can't take a joke and/or accept "current trends" like reality. I take pride, sometimes, getting "asked to leave" an establishment or website because of my behaviors and/or belief system. I think that I spent most of my "formative public school years" in time out, the hallway, nurses' station. principle's office, in detention, or worse dealing with my parents for my perceived sins against humanity. I learned from my "mistakes"; the next time around I will do "it" all over again, but hopefully better.
We had kids just like you describe. Wife spent lots of time in principals offices. Had kids in 5 different schools at the same time. Kicked out of school too only to be hospitalized at mental facility and therefore school had to readmit when back. Wife showed up one time in school to check on a kid and principal did not want her there but she insisted. Principal called police to have her arrested but police refused. Filed many complaints and had principal fired. Wife could write a book about how to navigate school systems to get special Ed services. Schools are very resistant to provide special Ed services costing them big dollars.
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41 high in low 70s today the rain forecast for the weekend changes every three hours

The bear sighting of day before maybe 75 to 100 pounds lots of fat rolls the other is bigger

Nice fence PopG, nice help BEF, dinner was good I’m sure Drew. Nice job on stumps and tree L4N

Prayers for all our Country Ukrainian people
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Drew, I replaced the tank sensors with See Level sensors. They give very accurate info.