Good morning!!!!

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Good Morning
56 and might reach 80 today under a sunny sky.

Yesterday was relatively productive, started by having breakfast with the professor, then fixing his pressure washer. Pretty easy repair, it had apparently rolled over and soaked the pleated paper air filter in oil. Washing it in gas and blowing it out solved the problem, it was as good as new. Next was finishing trimming the fence posts and identifying the next section of fabric to be replaced.
Took the string trimmer for a walk, cleared out around the outdoor units for the heat pumps in the shop, replaced the cap on the supply well, put some stuff away, still looking for a tool bag that I left somewhere, but keep finding other treasure along the way.

Got the pressure washer out to do the pool deck, but didn’t have to run it, son took over and did a great job. Pool was just uncovered, and is clearing up nicely. Way to cold for me though.



That pool is over 50 years old and in perfect condition, the filter and pump has been changed, but not a single crack in the concrete. That’s the same son being “saved” by the dog that is running the pressure washer in the same pool almost 4 decades earlier. Newfies are great swimmers, and have an instinct to save people, so they are no fun to swim with……..

Wife was complaining that she was short of breath, so I consulted with our daughter the ER nurse (standing on the pool steps in the picture) and she took her to the hospital, where she checked out fine and they sent her home. (She didn’t want to bother her doctor on a holiday weekend).

Grilled burgers for the wife and I, Spent some time with Zoe, continuing her training, and did a little RC flying before calling it a day.
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53 this morning very cloudy no rain yet supposed to get over 2 inches by Tuesday still hoping

Rained on us all late afternoon in NC, picked up wife’s watch had great dinner Miller’s again bought her some around the house pants Duluth trading nice stuff in my book.

Got run out looking at buck wild bras for her oops crossed the line bad boy.

Boo is good size got back home at 9:00 bad bear at it again this means war

Prayers for all our Country Ukrainian people

Ron can you get picture of Duce and a Half thanks
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PopG I have two grease guns one company owned one mine, hope wife is ok

Put cell phone on charger at 12:45 it died now nothing less than 6 months old now what

Beautiful pool PopG goldens do the same thing trying to retrieve you in water
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59F clear sky upper 80's for high.

Outside chores done E muffin time. :)
Mrs. and I out the door early to finish her flower garden before blackflies came to feast upon us.

Plans for today...AM town for fuel and critter food...PM going to keep low because of the temps later on,not sure what I'll bbq on the grill later today but I'm sure BIG bib will be needed. ;)

Enjoy your day all.
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Good morning, 60 going to 75 today nice clear weather little to no wind.

Not a much planned today. Will plant some flowers for wife and clean up with the blower the porch area. Put tools away in the shop is always a continuing task. Will see what else I can get into. The list is long. The new fence staple gun is in shipping status. Need to check over the pressure washer and get ready to do do some work. Also get the wood splitter ready for more work

The PT at home is going well. Working the good shoulder to stay strong and with lighter weight the injured shoulder with a dozen or so exercises. Shoulder is showing slow improvements. Glad I did not get shoulder surgery. Also working the knee pains with a set of exercises to improve strength and flexibility. Also showing improvements with ability coming back to make stair steps without pain.

Wife's change in meds has improved her condition and going to life is worth living again at some expense later on I am sure.
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A noted civil war historian James Robertson of Va Tech retired notes in several references in his books over 600000 died in American Civil War
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Another clear and sunny morning to be appreciated. I usually go into a "funk" around Memorial Day thinking about all those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that people like me can enjoy my personal freedoms. They are my heroes as well as those who survived and all of you servicemen members here. I add public servants like law enforcement, fire, and emergency service personnel to my personal heroes'/heroines' list as well. If I remember correctly 32 pages of "Brumbergs" were listed has murdered by the Nazis in various concentration camps.

Fritz- I am really happy to read that your Wife is + responding the medication change.

RonJH- Nice bird picture thanks for sharing.

I appreciated all the project and property picture taken the past day or so.

This singing Baltimore Oriole basking in the morning sunshine did a lot to help my mood state.

I hope that everyone has the Memorial Day Weekend they envisioned with family and friends.


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