Good morning!!!!

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New Neighbor was here today looks like he will start build in the fall.

Going to get noisy and there goes our winter views and sunsets.

Makes cleaning out the back are more important to keep any view.

Pool and furniture ready, pool only at 75 though.
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I’d rather have the neighbor be on friendly terms than not - if it means letting the fellow use the machine to move some downed trees so he can mow and make the property look better, it is worth it! But year - funny how that timing works out…😂🤣
My experience loaning out has not been good. Farm insurance does not allow loan outs
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Yea, I loaned my dad my husqvarna and the guy that mows for him tore it up, or maybe dad tore it up moving it with FEL.

Good worship, although I messed up changing slides once. Ok, twice
My youngest son led singing.
Lunch at the Italian place. Tony, the owner is a great guy and a big supporter of the community. His wife’s family still lives in Italy.

Tonight is our first of the summer hot dog roast after evening service. We got the big tent up a couple weeks ago.
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78F and "Fair" @ 14:00, heading up to around 80F for the day's high.

Last night Woman offered me what was left of Her Butter Pecan from Dunkin' that was in the 'frig ... bad idea ... was up all night ... :(

Did get about 30 growers pots filled with soil though, as well as opening the packets on some of the pumpkin and squash seeds and getting a count. Will have to check but it seems from memory there are less seeds in a packet this year. Will get some seeds put in those today hopefully.

Also researched drip irrigation last night. Seems like there are several different ways to go, each with various upsides and downsides.

And got blade sharpening jig ordered (supposed to be delivered Monday)

Woman has been busy this morning:

She added some salt to the softener (must have been a partial bag) and reminded me that I need to move the 2 bags out back into the basement.

She also cleared the clog from the whole house vacuum by Herself. She often vacuums things before they go in the wash. Usually it's the socks that manage to get away from Her.

Watered all the plants around back.

She's out right now picking up some gas for the Cub (and lunch for Her)

Likely to be a pretty laid back day for me.

Finish cleaning off underside of Cub deck, also refuel and maybe remove blades.

Was going to cut some old PT 2x's with the radial arm saw which is now over in the barn yesterday to use for decking on those industrial shelves for the plants. Cutting head was not rolling smoothly and could not pull it without help since it's sitting on a rolling cart. Track/bearings probably needs lubed. May just pull the chop saw out of the garage set it up on some sawhorses and cut them over here at the house.

Mix up some more glyphosate, maybe mix up vinegar solution for The Woman and get Her little sprayer filled.

Just heard a delivery truck outside, probably Amazon with Woman's new clothes for Her trip.

Hope everyone is having a good Sunday ... (y)
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89F hazy sky slight wind.

Since Saturday AM gallon gas up 10cents $3.49...Diesel up 8 cents $5.00 gallon.
Warm temps tree buds open black pickup has lemon lime swirls on it. :oops:
Been laid back afternoon due to air temp,soon grilling tenderloin to go with sweet sour sauce.

Plans to set on the deck for short time for pillow time,out the door early AM.

Enjoy your evening all.
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pool only at 75 though.

Ken, please set the mooch advisory alarm to go off at 78.
then the neighborhood will come

I am likely to put one more rv underlayment coat tomorrow morning. Top coat not arriving until Tuesday so might as well build it up.
had to chuckle, the vinyl tape I bought is a very, very close match to oem paint.

Thin layers built up, as smooth and neat as possible. Fill in voids a little at a time. Try to make it so minimal sanding required.
sounds like a good plan, thanks.

had a nice glass of wine with brother and wife, gave them half of my pickled radishes.
We both compared bad backs.
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Nearly finished scraping underside of deck on Cub.


Most of what’s left is like a thin coating of fully cured concrete.

Think I’m going to build a spray rig using sprinkler heads that I can drive over and run with the blades spinning and see if that doesn’t allow me to keep it cleaner.

Took me a bit before I realized it would probably go a little easier if I had the blades off …

So another trip up to the shop for the impact and sockets.

Blades have an unusual wear pattern which I suspect is from failing to clean the deck when I should have.

Will get them up to the shop and cleaned off and see whether they can still be used.

Got juice mixed up for The Woman, she around back spraying.

Plants and seeds out front all watered.

Nice enjoyable afternoon with a pleasant breeze.
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.50 in of rain so far now a steady rain

rswyan try some graphite paint works wonders or you can spray mo deck
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We have had a string of sunny days. Not too hot. The farmers are hoping for rain. Mowing has been dusty. I should wear a mask but I haven't yet.

I have been hauling logs from downed trees out of the woods. Friday I looked down and found myself in a patch of poison ivy. Between the ivy and the ticks I guess I should wait till winter to haul more logs.

We are starting to get some red raspberries with a lot more to come. The blueberries are coming along nicely. My wife has hung rubber snakes on the birdnet to further discourage the birds. Last year the birds chewed holes in the birdnet. My wife isn't into sharing with the birds.:giggle:

Friday I started to change hy/trans oil on the Yanmar 186D. I couldn't get the filter off and of course the filter wrench was back at the house. Things to do next week.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.