Good morning!!!!

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In this house, we remember everyday.
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Beautiful day. Around 60 degrees right now, pushing to 80 and sun.

Gonna grab breakfast with my dad and then go out and finish gravel at the property. Got about 4 ton left to move
Semper Fi
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when my next door neighbor gave me a willow tree that is now planted in my back yard, it came with some
hanger ons in the form of some fern plants. They are now two feet tall and need to be transplanted.

So on Memorial Day I'll plant a Memorial Fern.
Though I just might quietly call it a Peace fern.

Zoe looks like a happy girl. She's got the Boss right where she wants him

headed out to put a second coat of fiberglass repair on rv.
another warm day, might as well get it all nicely dried before final coat tomorrow afternoon.
I have paint that's sort of close.
I have a couple of new round reflectors to install in the rear, plus new
LED tail light repeaters. Maybe one of them can hide this area, or certainly will take the eye away from it.

that fiberglass repair stuff has a seriously bad smell. Glad I'm outside.
really is too bad this vehicle has no rear bumper at all. Just exposed micro-thin fiberglass.
sure can't park by feel with this thing.

after this education, I'll be doing a lot more getting out and eyeballing.
And maybe that 7 inch hitch extension I ordered will help in the future.
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Popgadget, I believe that Zoe is officially YOUR dog. :)

Lou, glad to hear you're better, but take it easy. Prayers my friend.

I hope to do some shredding today, but we have company, and have been invited over to some friends home. So not sure if it will happen or not.

I have resorted to using a weekly Pill box that I put a week's worth of pills in. I take 1 in the morning, and 2 at night of different meds. It helps me remember to take my pills.
It sure makes a week seem like it flew by.....

With high school graduation parties, and baptismal ceremonies happening last week, I've been eating waaay too much. Need to cut back.

I have a long list of chores to do at work during the summer, while the young people are gone. I have 2 student workers that can share a total of 40 hours a week between them. I wish I could have them each for 40 hours, but the budget is very tight for some reason right now.

Prayers for our team, our country, and for Ukraine.
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Nice picture of Zoe still pouring rain
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75° and sunny. Wish it was raining, lawn is drying up. The forecasted rain is gone away, it’s just to the south.

Hotdog roast after evening service last night went well, ate too much.
Will grill out this evening, few burgers and brats.
Tomorrow I’ll head to the farm to help dad. Bolts on gearbox of rotary cutter loose again. I’ll put loctite on them. Need to start gathering tools to take.
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Good Morning,
Morning activities behind the barn !
While the shade lasts ! 🙏


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Morning all, late start after tow days with the kid getting back late.
Nice though windy this morning going up to 82, sitting on the back deck with the dog.
Got the pool all prepped yesterday, moved the furniture into place, shock and filters, pool robot all cleaned. Looks like robot needs a new cord.

Went back to new Mediterranean place last night, good drinks and apps, main courses just ok.

Had a nice talk with new neighbor about land deal etc. He has to get environmental and other approvals now that he thinks his design is ready.

I lost some friends to wars, I will always remember them and their sacrifice.

Don't know what I will get up to today, when I had my old convertible I used to take part in parades, but now not so much.

Tulip poplar in full flower

Stare off with the dog

Be well,
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Good morning! Low of 48°, heading up to 81°, sunny. Winds a little gusty this morning, hopefully will die down to the forecasted 10mph.

Sister and BIL visit was good. We ended up taking them out for a "local tour" yesterday. We drove up to Sandia Crest (top of the mountain overlooking Albuquerque) at the elevation of 10,648 ft. They were surprised at the panoramic views in all directions.

Then headed to Madrid, strolled through a bunch of the shops. They were able to find a few souvenirs of the trip. Stopped at the Mine Shaft Tavern and had a delicious meal. They had BBQ brisket, I had a Wagu burger.

They are back on the road this morning heading up to the AF Academy in Colorado Springs. They are going to take a side trip to Bandelier National Monument before leaving the state.

Needless to say, nothing got accomplished on the home front oasis. Agenda got moved until today.

Everyone have a great day!
Take a moment and remember those that have given the ultimate sacrifice and those currently protecting our freedom!
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Memorial Day - Heartfelt gratitude to those that gave their all. Special remembrance to my classmate Ray.

66°F and .02 inches rain.

Like yesterday I expect most of the day will be with the flail. Laupahoehoe end of property done, Hilo end today.

In town Happy Hour at recently opened Mexican cantina this afternoon. Many Happy hours at that location prepandemic when it was Lucy’s.

Prayers for all
Be safe
Have a great day