Good morning!!!!

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77F clear whisper of wind.

Long busy work day,slowly going up the driveway notice something on the edge of the front field :oops: critter took one of my work boots from inside shed did little chewing on it. 🙄

Plans for the evening...Mrs. said don't be late for dinner at 6:30pm she grilling,odds aren't very good I'll be late. :)
Set on the deck wait for critter and stars,pillow time shall come early for out the door early AM.

Enjoy your evening all.
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Adjusted the exposure a bit.
Common bird in Texas jumping.

The peach orchard was closed - sold out.
The BBQ platters also sold out.
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Had a good grill out, invited one single recently divorced guy to join us. Food was good. Ate out on picnic table in back yard. First time it’s been used in awhile.
Never got any rain.
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74.5F and clear @ 21:30, headed down to around 61F overnight. LWS reports that the high hit 91.9F here today.

That's 15F above normal for this time of year ... :oops:

Currently 80F inside the house, Woman did not feel the need to turn on AC ... (y)

Hooked up Water Buffalo (which was full) to Cub and brought it around to the northwest planting bed:

IMG_2648 copy.jpg

Took Kubota and gathered up weeds Woman pulled over there and took those up to the compost pile.

Then used it to move t-posts up to shop for cutting latter.

Woman cleaned 4 bluebird houses with bleach and hosed them off.

I put the one that spent the winter in the house back up at the Nest Box No. 3 location once it had dried.

Made run down to Ace to get car keys made and pick up seeds, did so and swung by Dunkin' on the way back for Butter Pecans.

As I coming down the drive ran into Amazon guy who had just dropped off the blade sharpener .

Once I got back started watering and fertilizing the 4 rhododendrons in the northwest planting bed.

After that I made the rounds in the front yard and watered various trees:

4 gallons each: Ornamental Japanese Cherry, Red Maple, Apple, Tulip tree, and east and west Peach trees. The "alpha" (main) leader on east Peach is now 19"+ long ... (y)

2 gallons each: Gingko tree, Rose of Sharon, and a bunch of plants over by the shop.

By then it was dinner time, came down to house, Woman had fixed me two BLT's ... :love:

After dinner I cleaned and prepped one of the 3 bluebird houses that were left to put back up and gave it a couple of coats of fresh paint.

I used the last of that Buffalo tank to water a couple of Black Scallop Ajuga ground cover. One those has really taken off and has multiple runners extending out from it.

Took Water Buffalo around back and hooked it up to the hose and started it filling. Rabbit was in flower bed when I pulled up ... :oops:


Did some weeding while it was filling.

Once it was filled I used the watering can and gave the 3 established rhubarb plants 2 gallons each. The 3 rhubarb in pots also got watered as well the new blueberry bushes planted last year, which got a gallon each.

Then I moved the Buffalo over to the east planting bed and dropped it there so Woman can water in the morning.

Then I grabbed the dump cart and took the blade sharpener up to the shop, and put up the newly painted bluebird house at the Nest Box No. 4 location.

Grabbed roller stand that Woman volunteered to prep for paint and loaded it into the dump cart while I was up there.

After that I headed around back, moved the 2 bags of softener salt inside with the two-wheeler and put 1 into the salt tank.

Then I loaded three empty salt bags into the dump cart along with 6 partial gallons of paint that need disposed of and brought those around front along with the roller stand.

Got another bluebird nest box sanded and prepped for paint after that, will squirt it in the morning.

Probably head up to the shop in a bit and scope out the blade sharpener, maybe sharpen some blades, get those t-posts cut.

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day ... (y)
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Good (Tuesday) early arvo. Overnight Low occurred like yesterday; 6.2C at 2200 and then crept up to 11.5C this morning. It's presently 16.3C, overcast with a gentle breeze.

I was actually on TBN earlier this morning when some sort of power 'glitch' knocked out the internet... which inspired me to do the dishes, then bring in today's wood for the heater. I've definitely got to get at the half-downed wattle tree today before it dries out... I know that it won't take too long to accomplish, it's just my getting 'started'.

Yesterday arvo, the temperature got up to 18.5C so there was no excuse not to clean up Paddock #5. The 1730 'Zoom' meeting only lasted a half-hour... which is how meetings are supposed be!

That's about it, take care all.